Doctor Who: Ice Warriors (3 ¾” Scale) by Character Options

In the interest of trying to be topical, I’ve decided to just push through with a Doctor Who 3 ¾” scale figure trifecta. Yesterday we checked out the Daleks, today we’ll look at the Ice Warriors and we’ll wrap it up with the Cybermen tomorrow. The move to the new scale has been rocky so far with some good and some bad. Let’s see which side of the fence the Warriors from Mars fall on…


There’s the packaging and it is virtually identical to what we’ve already seen with The Doctor and Clara. You also get the same generic “DWARTIS” style figure stand, which was understandably missing from the Daleks. This figure is based on the new Ice Warrior design introduced in the episode “Cold War” although only one Ice Warrior was shown in the episode, so I’m surprised that CO didn’t release the figure as Grand Marshall Skaldak. I’m guessing they went the generic route to encourage kids and collectors to troop build these, but what sad fool would bother doing that?


Yeah… Getting multiple Daleks was a given, but even surprised even myself when I picked up more than one Ice Warrior. The problem with this new line is that they don’t take up a lot of room and they are relatively cheap, so my restraint has been failing me. Besides, I do love the Ice Warriors. Like the Daleks, the NuWho design of the Ice Warriors is pretty faithful to the classic one. I always assumed the armor was their natural shell, but “Cold War” dispelled a lot of things we thought we knew about these Martians. Anyway, let’s get him out and see what we’ve got…



The figure is pretty good. It features a lot of detail in the sculpt, showing all the little segmentation and craggy lines in the armor. The likeness of the head is particularly nice for the smaller scale. I can’t help but wonder that if he was in the old five-inch scale, whether we might have been given a swappable head, sans helmet, but I guess we’ll never know. The torso is a bit bulkier and more barrel-chested then I think it should be, but I haven’t re-watched the episode since I got the figure, so I could just be remembering wrong. Another quibble is the lack of a gun in his wrist. I know it was sort of built into his sleeve in the episode, but a little sculpted knob or painted bit would have helped. I may wind up robbing some big-ass gun from my POTF2 figures for these guys. Either way, I’m still totally happy with the way the sculpt came out. As for the coloring, the only paint apps on the figure are the red for the eye shields, and that’s really all it needed. Otherwise, the figure is cast in a very cool, slightly metallic green.




Articulation on this new line has been all over the place, so let’s see what we’ve got here. His arms are ball jointed at the shoulders and hinged at the elbows. There are sadly no swivels in the biceps or wrists, but since he isn’t really sculpted with a gun, I guess that’s not such a big deal. The legs are also ball jointed at the hips and have swivels in the waist. There is no articulation in the torso at all, but he can turn his head. All in all, I’m fairly pleased with the articulation here. Even Skaldak was a lumbering dude when he was in his armor, so I didn’t need thee guys to be super-poseable.



The Ice Warriors are definitely a solid effort and one that was desperately needed for this inaugural wave of the new line. They don’t quite equal the pure win of the new scale Daleks, but they’re definitely executed much better than The Doctor or Clara. I’m also not terribly heartbroken that the NuWho Ice Warriors are exclusive to the smaller scale. Sure, given my druthers, I would have liked at least one of these in my five-inch collection, but the design is close enough to the Classic versions and I have four of those standing on my shelf, so I’m good.

I opted not to buy any of the new scale Weeping Angels, so tomorrow we’re going to wrap up this wave with a look at the Cybermen!

3 comments on “Doctor Who: Ice Warriors (3 ¾” Scale) by Character Options

  1. Hey 🙂

    A most excellent site, I’m going to have to spend some time going through your archives.

    I’ve been trolling through your 3 3/4″ reviews of the Dr Who figures and just thought I’d chime in on the articulation on these figures as you note that it’s different from the other figures from the wave. I was recently speaking with a designer for one of CO contract design companies and he told me that the Ice Warrior and Cyberman figures were designed by another company Gentle Giant which may go some way to explain the differences between those two figures and the rest of the wave.

    While I’m here I’ll also add that Character Options and I’m pretty sure the American distributor released a Davros statue in the same scale of these figures, he’s beautiful, I was able to get him through a collectible magazine on this side of the world, but I expect he can be gotten on your side of the world too and he looks great with the Daleks from the line, here’s a couple shots of him, apologies for the poor quality but it may serve to give you an idea;

    He might be worth hunting down.

    All the best,

    • Wow, thanks for that info. Never knew Gentle Giant was involved in this line. Very cool insight.

      I’ll have to keep my eye out for that Davros, he looks very well done.

      Thanks so much for reading!

      • No problem at all. Be warned that that info is second hand, but he did confirm that much for me as well as some other info on their design and production in a Facebook group of all places, but I’m sure it’s legit from doing a bit of additional snooping.

        The Davros is an amazing little thing and has good weight as he’s not made of plastic in himself.

        Also thanks for subbing to my sparse and random thoughts, but that’s a pretty dead blog I used for college notes when I was doing my dissertation. I post my madness on now if you ever want to look, but be aware that posts are intermittant and the quality is poor hehe. No panic is looking or anything, I need to update WordPress details somehow to more current ones.

        I’ll do a bit of blog diving this evening and see what I find around here 🙂

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