10 Random Thoughts About This Year’s SDCC

(Mostly Toy Related)

1. Holy Shit, USA Network is doing a prequel movie to Burn Notice with Sam Axe as the main character!!!

2. I saw nothing that made me want to get a Club Eternia Subscription for 2011. Sorry Matty. The core characters are drying up.

3. GI JOE will be getting a lot more of my money over the next couple of months then I had previously thought. Nearly all the figures are homeruns and most of the vehicles look great too.

4. Star Wars will be getting a lot more of my money over the next couple of months then I had previously thought. Those vintage style figures are sucking me back in.

5. The Transformers were treated like Hasbro’s red headed stepchild. Nothing new or interesting and I was totally unimpressed by the teaser clip from the new series.

6. Based on the new trailer, the next season of Weeds has a good chance of redeeming itself from the mediocrity of the last season.

7. I probably have ZERO chance of ever owning that amazing classic Tron figure. This makes me sad.

8. The Star Wars and GI JOE dioramas shown off by Hasbro made me wish I had a huge garage and mad skillz with paper mache.

9. With the possible exception of the TRU Exclusive Mego-style figures, I probably won’t be buying any more of Mattel’s Ghostbusters figures. Oh, and the idea of needing a subscription for this line is laughable.

10. As much as I tell myself I’m done with Marvel Universe, I think I have to have those Galactus and Sentinal figures.

And that’s really all I came away with based on the news feeds we’ve been getting. On a side note, I did make a trek up to Toys R Us this morning and found all kinds of great stuff, including some of the new Transformers. I could have easily dropped $150 without even thinking about it, but luckily I was able to restrain myself and just pick up a few things.

I should have a couple of new posts up tomorrow.

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