Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Gonxx by The Four Horsemen

We’re heading toward a solemn day on this Mythos Monday, because I’m having a look at the second to very last Goblin figure in my Mythic Legions collection. Oh, I’ll bet there will be more coming, but this one almost catches me up on what we got so far. And while I’ve been a big fan of all the new creatures and races introduced in the Advent of Decay assortment, these little green bastards continue to have a special place in my heart. Let’s check out Gonxx!

Gonxx is not just any Goblin! No, he’s the Commander of the Goblin Army! And as his bio reminds us, the Goblin Army is nearly infinite in size, so this guy has some major responsibilities riding on his little green shoulders. We’re also told that under his command, the vast armies of The Gobhollow Caverns are now aligned with The Legion of Arethyr, and that can’t be a good thing!

Gonxx is quite a distinctive little bugger, mainly because he doesn’t utilize the slighter body used for the other Goblins. Nope, this guy makes use of the same assortment of pieces as the Dwarves, making him a stockier and more robust Gobbie. As such he really stands out on the battlefield among his pulsating green sea of troops. From the neck down, there’s nothing here that hasn’t been seen before, it’s just a mix of knightly armor and orc armor, all painted in mix of black, brown, and deep bronze, with a hint of shiny copper chainmail peeking through the joints. It works really well, giving his armor a well-worn look, which is brought out beautifully with the heavy paint wash. The rust spots on the shoulders are especially well done! I also really like the use of the more primitive groin piece, with it’s sculpted fur and hanging rings. I look at this guy, and can’t help but wonder if that suit is padded to support a spindly Goblin body, or he really is that buff!

Gonxx comes with a helmeted head, which really follows through on making this guy look like a little tank. The helmet features a reinforced comb running from his nose and straight up the through the back, and there’s a single spike jutting out the back. The lower portion of his face is secured with a bulbous mask, with holes to help him breath. His two beady yellow eyes peek through the eye slits, and his floppy green ears jut out the sides. If this guy were a video game boss, those ears would be your best bet for a weak spot! The helmet has the same rusty brown finish as the rest of the armor, and when coupled with the pitting and scratches in the sculpt, looks absolutely amazing. TFH’s ability to make plastic look like metal will never cease to amaze me. The mask is convincing enough to look like it might rest on actual hinges, but it cannot be moved, so we’ll never actually get to see Gonxx’s lovely mug. I’m OK with that!

As the Commander of the Goblin Armies, Gonxx comes pretty well outfitted with weapons. And let me jump in here first, by saying I accidently put a silver axe on his belt, which he DOES NOT COME WITH. Just consider that accessory as a sneak peek into next week’s review! He does, however, come with this big honkin war hammer. If this thing looks familiar, it should, because it was a fairly common hand-out back in the original Mythic Legions assortment, and we’ve seen it peppered throughout the line ever since. It’s a pretty big weapon even for the regular sized figures, so it’s doubly impressive that Gonxx can handle it. The sculpt is as gorgeous as ever, and it has the same painted worn finish as Gonxx’s armor.

Next up, you get a spiked flail on a real chain. This weapon is a lot less common, but we did see it before, at the beginning of the year with Hadriana. I really dig it and I’d love to see it included with more figures in the future.

And finally, Gnoxx comes with the big two-handed sword that was common in the first assortment. This is a tad large for him to wear on his waist, so I opted to remove one of his shoulders and have him wear it on his back, using the belt as a cross-strap. The blade has a beautiful silver finish, and the hilt is left grungy and brown to match the armor. You could argue that this sword is over-used, but I’m always happy to get another one!

Gonxx is a great addition to the Goblins of Mythos, and I really dig that they built him off the bulkier parts to make him stand out among his fellow Gobbies. And while he’s the only Goblin so far to not show his beautiful face, I think the helmet is so distinctive, that leaving him masked works fine for me. Sure, apart from that noggin, there’s nothing new here, but as usual, TFH managed to pull from their inventory of existing parts, apply some new paint, and give birth to an awesome new creation. And that leaves us just one more Gobbie to go, so next week, we’ll have a look at the Goblin Legion Builder!

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Lord Aydon by The Four Horsemen

Welcome to another Mythoss Monday! I still have lots of catching up to do from the spectacularly large Advent of Decay assortment. This massive wave introduced us to the various Elves of Mythoss, and today we’re checking out one of the Wood Elves…

Yes, the Elves were a major attraction in this assortment and they added a new fantasy flavor to the Mythoss lineup. As his bio recounts: The impressively named, Lord Aristaeus Aydon, is both Uncle and advisor to Queen Artemyss Silverchord, which is every bit as big a deal as it sounds! When he’s not dishing out his stern wisdom to his beloved niece, he’s fending off inquisitive tourists mistaking him for Hugo Weaving. OK. That last bit may not have been in the actual bio.

And yet, there’s no denying that TFH were going for a major Elrond vibe with this guy, but I ain’t complaining! A great deal of the body here is reused from the Elf Ranger, which fittingly enough was a firm nod toward Orlando Bloom as Legolas. The torso, upper arms and legs, belt, and hip armor are all borrowed from that release, with the lower arms and legs given the more armored knight parts. But, what I find especially interesting here is the choice of colors. The torso armor is painted brown to give it a hardened leather look, along with silver buckles and brass studs, with the same colors matching on the scaled hip armor. The upper arms and legs feature a bronze finish, with silver chainmail exposed at the joints, and some electric blue accents. Meanwhile, the lower legs and arms have a metallic emerald finish with more of that brilliant blue, along with matching shoulders. It’s a bit of a scattershot color palate, but in the end, I do quite like it. And as always the attention to detail in the sculpt is striking, with all the tiny straps and buckles and rivets on the armor pieces.

The portrait here more than hints at the Hugo Weaving likeness. He sports a rather dour expression, synonymous with his strict teachings. The eyes have a nice gloss to them, his down-turned eyebrows are sharp, and he has a bit of pink to his pouty lip. There’s some brilliant gold leaf paint for his headpiece, and some antler-like horns protruding from the center it. My figure has a pair of nasty scars on his right cheek, which I’m assuming are intentional and not a defect. I mean, they look intentional, but I don’t recall seeing this kind of wound on any of the other figures, nor is it mentioned in his bio. It does certainly give him a distinctive quality. Of course, he has tall pointed ears, and his hair cascades down his back.

Lord Aydon is absolutely stacked with gear, so much so that he comes with two belts, one for his waist and one as a shoulder strap. These can be used to allow him to wear both of his swords at once. The shorter one is the classic knightly sword we have seen over and over again, and remains one of my favorites for it’s trusty, no-nonsense design. The other is the larger two-handed sword with the cut-outs in the ricasso, and a blade that swells near the tip. They are a matched set, with gold hilts and silver blades. Both of these blades date back tot he original Kickstarter.

He also comes with the rather shapely and ornate Elven Shield, which we’ve seen a few times now, but not enough in my opinion. This piece is absolutely gorgeous, with a satin gold finish, emerald cut-outs, and some brilliant blue stones painted into it.

Two blades and a shield is plenty for most Mythic Legions, but Lord Aydon also comes with an arrow, quiver, and one loose arrow to knock in the bow. Yup, both of these accessories are repeats. The bow is painted gold and has a black string, while the quiver is painted in green and gold to match Aydon’s armor. The arrows have silver shafts and bright blue fletching. Simply gorgeous!

Lord Aydon is an absolute homerun in my book. Not only is he a great looking figure with some gorgeous paintwork, but TFH really showed him some favoritism when it comes to his accessories. With two swords and a bow, he’s pretty much equipped for anything. Not to mention he looks great among my other Elves of Mythoss!

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Azza Spirtbender by The Four Horsemen

I did a little investigating this week and found that I’m down to about less than a dozen Mythic Legions figures left to spotlight here before I’m all caught up! And since it’s less than likely any new figures will ship before I get through those, I’ll likely be swapping Monday’s back to Marvel for a time. But, we’re still a couple of months away from that, so let’s press on with this week’s figure!

Azza Spiritbender came to us as part of the Advent of Decay assortment, and up until now I thought she was an Elf, but having a read through her bio suggests otherwise. Indeed, even The Four Horsemen don’t know which Mythoss race she belongs to, making her quite a mysterious young lady! What is known, is that she is a member of The Convocation of Bassylia, and a practiced Necromancer!

I can be forgiven for mistaking her for an Elf, as her body uses a mix of the Elf and female tooling that was introduced in Advent of Decay. But before getting into all that, I have to say that my first impression of this figure are the gorgeous colors! Azza shows a lot of skin under that purple cloak, and it’s such an intriguing shade of blue. It looks suitably dark and mysterious in the shadow, but give it some light, and it becomes so bright and vibrant! Her armor consists of a breast plate, shoulders, and knight’s belt with side armor, and these pieces are all painted in some of that gorgeous metallic purple, which we’ve seen recently, as well as lots of rich gold leaf. Her boots and gauntlets are the only things that aren’t flashy about Azza. They are both painted to look like brown leather. The boots do have some reinforced purple and gold armor bits. She probably spends a lot of time stalking muddy graveyards and digging up bones, so she doesn’t want to get her good boots and gauntlets dirty.

To further cement her mysterious nature, Azza’s head is permanently shrouded in a hood. The hood is plastic with a flat purple finish, which matches her plastic sash, and some gold leaf around the edge of the opening. The hood is not a perfect match for the softgoods cape, but it’s close enough. Nestled in the hood is a pretty face, with blank white eyes, and some printed black and white tattoos, which continue down around her arms and exposed midriff, and bare legs.

The only downside here? Well, unlike some Mythic Legions figures, Azza is not a figure that offers a lot of display options. Of course, the cape and shoulders are removable, but with the permanent hood, I think she looks funny without the cape, so what we see is what we get. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, because Azza is an absolutely stunning figure! Let’s move on to her gear!

Front and center is her ornate dagger and sheath. This little weapon was introduced in Advent of Decay and handed out to quite a few characters. Still, it feels right at home on Azza’s belt. The scabbard is equipped with a clip to attach it to the belt, but mine snapped off almost instantly, so I have to pass it through the loop on the belt. It’s worth noting that after handling dozens upon dozens of these figures, Azza’s dagger clip is only the second QC issue I’ve had, with the first being the peg snapping off a shield. I’m not excusing it, but that’s still not a bad track record.

Next up, she comes with a very nice repaint of the Khopesh Sword. This one has a lush gold blade and a metallic purple hilt. It’s the perfect exotic blade for this mysterious lady, and I really dig the color scheme. I’m tempted to take a fine black marker and add some runes to the blade, but I’d probably just mess it up!

Finally, Azza comes with a very tall gold staff, because every Necromancer needs some kind of staff to do their necromancing. This one isn’t terribly mystical looking, as it features a flanged mace head for a topper, which I imagine comes in handy for beating her enemies with if her spells fail. She looks great holding it, but I don’t know. I may wind up giving this to someone else, and trying to find a more appropriate staff for her to command the dead with.

And here she is with a couple other members of The Convocation of Bassylia, namely Jorund Runeshaper and Herra Serpenspire! They’re a bit of an eclectic crew. I can see Azza and Herra hanging out, but Jorund seems like the odd dwarf out here. All awesome figures, nonetheless.

Azza is an absolutely gorgeous figure on her own right, and an intriguing character as well. Part of me wants to nitpick the fact that she didn’t come with an un-hooded head, but I suppose if she did it would give away some of the mystery surrounding her race. Either way, she’s a perfect example of The Four Horsemen bringing their A-game when it comes to selection of parts and paint. I think one missed opportunity for Advent of Decay would have been to see Azza repainted into a female version of the excellent Elf Ranger, but then again, AoD was a huge assortment as it was. I suppose that’s always possible for a future assortment.

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Wings!!! by The Four Horsemen

As promised, I pushed Mythoss Monday to Friday this week, so I could get on with my infatuation with the Playmobil Enterprise. And while we’re on the subject, that shit took a lot out of me, so I’m sort of phoning it in today. I’m not going to check out a figure today, but rather some accessories. When Advent of Decay came along, TFH released a number of wing sets to customize your figures with, and I’m here to look at ALL OF THEM!!! No, wait. I didn’t mean all of them, I meant two of them, because that’s all I bought.

If you’re looking for fancy wing accessory packaging, look elsewhere! These came in plastic bags with yellow printed labels telling you what they are. And to be honest, these almost got thrown away with the bubblewrap when I got my huge shipment of figures, because I completely forgot I ordered any. The two I’m checking out today are the Black Feather Wings and the Bone Wings. Let’s just go in that order!

I’m using the vampyre Carpathias to model the Black Wings, because he’s a vampyre and they sometimes have wings. Yeah, the feathered wings are a bit of a stretch, but I really didn’t have another figure that I saw as a better fit. Now, if we had some black and purple demon wings, that would be perfect! Still, these don’t look too shabby. I illustrated how the wings worked with the Arethyr Review, but if you missed it, they simply plug into one of the adapter pieces that come with pretty much every figure, and that plugs into the back. Things can get a little more complicated because the size of the slot in the back varies from the first assortment to later ones, but I’m not getting into all that. And yes, you can plug the wings directly into the sockets used for the shoulder armor, and I’ll demonstrate that with the Bone Wings.

The wings attach with hinged pegs, which allow for a lot of posing possibilities coming away from the body, and you also get hinges where they crest, so they can be spread outward. The downside with these are that they’re pretty heavy and the hinged pegs don’t always hold them in place for a long time. Combine that with the way they have a habit of popping out of the sockets, and it can be a lot of trouble to make them stay put. And while I think these do look pretty damn good on Carpathia, I’m not about to display him with them all the time, so maybe I’ll just put them away until a more appropriate figure comes along. Let’s move on to the Bone Wings…

For the Bone Wings, I’m using the Skeleton Soldier, and here I just plugged them directly into the shoulder sockets. The color of the bone isn’t a perfect match for this figure, but it’s close enough that it still looks pretty good. The Bone Wings seem pretty useless, as I can’t see how anyone is going to fly with these, but I do think they look absolutely bitchin;, especially on this figure. Plugging them directly into the shoulder holes gives them a little more stability, and you don’t have the unsightly adapter in the back. But, these wings are also not nearly as heavy and bulky as the feathered wings, so they are all around easier to deal with.

You get the same articulation here as we saw on the Black Wings, and I find these are a bit easier to pose. Unlike the Black Wings on Carpathia, these look ride at home sprouting from this Skellie’s back, and they work really well with any of the regular flavor Skeletons. I may actually keep one of my Skeleton Soldiers equipped with them!

I want to say these were around $15 to 20 per set, but I honestly don’t remember. They’re definitely cool options for display, but I don’t really have any desire to get more. When Mythic Legions drops new assortment of figures, I’m usually trying to squeeze every penny to get as many figures as I can, and buying extra parts like these, just cuts into that figure money. In the end, I’m happy I picked up the Bone Wings, but I could have easily done without the Black Wings.

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Morgolyth by The Four Horsemen

It’s another Mythoss Monday, and today I’m finishing up with my reviews of Necronominus’ unholy trinity of offspring. We’ve checked out boney brothers, Malleus and Mandibulus, and here comes their skelly sister, Morgolyth!

Morgolyth released as part of Advent of Decay, the second major assortment of Mythic Legions releases. She’s billed as the High Priestess of The Congregation of Necronominus, which sounds damned impressive, even if I’m not entirely sure what it is! She’s also described as being less savage than her brothers, and possessing the ability to see through the eyes of her dead soldiers. I’m assuming that means her undead soldiers, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a terribly useful skill! Either way, let’s open up this package and check her out!

Hot damn, Morgolyth is certainly one of the more distinctive figures I’ve checked out in this line. She utilizes some skeletal limbs that we’ve seen before, mixed with some of the armor bits introduced in Advent of Decay. I don’t recall having seen this torso before, but whatever the case all the components here add up to one amazing looking battle priestess! Her armor is a gorgeous mix of metallic purple and silver, and I absolutely love the design of her chest piece, which evokes a ribcage. The shiny ornate armor contrasts beautifully with her exposed, yellowed bones. A sculpted plastic skirt hangs down dead center and below her belt, while the outfit is punctuated with two scalloped shoulders and a purple cape.

And as great as her armor looks, it’s hard for the eye not to be immediately drawn to her elaborate head dress. This silver ceremonial helmet angles up high above her head and is bisected by her masked face, leaving only the lower half of her boney face exposed. This whole piece is an absolute triumph of sculpt and design, with some beautiful scrollwork etched into it and a hammered finish. It strikes me as an awesome marrying of ancient tribal culture with something vaguely alien. It’s both beautiful and nightmarish, and I absolutely love it.

Morgolyth may be a High Priestess, but she comes packing some serious gear. For starters, she has a standard knightly cruciform sword, here appearing with a gold hilt and a silver blade. You all know by now how much I love this sword, and while it feels a little superfluous here, I’m never going to complain about getting another one! I guess it’s good to have a trusty blade on hand for when Heavensbrand’s do-gooders storm your temple, your skeletal minions are falling all around you, and the proverbial shit has hit the fan.

A little more her style is this elegant hooked dagger and sheath. This accessory was introduced in Advent of Decay and we’ve seen it wielded by both Elves and Vampires alike. It looks great with the hilt and scabbard done up in a metallic purple to match her armor.

Next up is this oversized ceremonial sword, which is quite the flashy piece! It’s got a two-handed grip, a spiked pommel, a crazy-looking guard, and an even crazier shaped blade, which looks like it would be perfect for ceremonial beheadings. Yes, it’s a tad ostentatious for my taste, but it’s an elegant piece and very befitting of our skeletal priestess.

The final accessory is this mystical staff, which wields untold powers. At least those powers are untold in her biography. The gold shaft includes a topper, which is painted in metallic purple and silver to match her armor, because proper accessorizing is important, even for necromancers! I have been swapping out between this and the big sword for her primary display weapon. They both look great!

I know I say this a lot, but Morgolyth may be one of my new favorite figures in this line! Yes, I’m partial to the skeletons, and while I love me some tried and true boney warriors, it’s cool to have a High Priestess around to hold some unholy rituals, raise more ranks from the dead, and do some dark spell-slinging. But even laying all that aside, this is just one drop-dead gorgeous figure. From the beautiful design of her armor and headdress to the wonderfully snappy colors, Morgolyth is quite simply a showpiece for the collection.

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Brother Mandibulus by The Four Horsemen

Having finally finished going through the recent Arethyr Wave, I’m ready to start digging back to some of the earlier Mythic Legions releases that I’ve missed. Today we’ll set the Wayback Machine to the Advent of Decay, which was the second big dump of Legions figures, with a look at Brother Mandibulus!

It’s no secret, I do love me some Skeletons, and Mythic Legions has given us some truly memorable bone warriors. Brother to Morgolyth and Malleus (two figures I have yet to review here), Mandibulus is billed as being ruthless and focused on destroying all who oppose his family’s legacy!

And, oh boy, is this a creepy fellow! Mandibulus is an intriguing combination of the Orc’s armored limbs, and the sculpted tabards worn by some of the Knights. His armored bits are painted with a dark and rusty finish, which goes great with these pitted and jagged pieces. He has plate armor skirt to protect his hips, and crude and imposing shoulder pieces, all of which we’ve seen many times before. The tabard is painted with a black and red pattern, along with some muddy splatter down below the belt. And while the tattered red and black softgoods pieces are technically supposed to be a skirt, I actually prefer using them as a short cape.

The head sculpt is all new, and it’s pretty damn great! Mandi’s got a simple copper colored skull cap with a sculpted chainmail coif spilling down from it to cover the sides of his skull. One curved horn protrudes from the left side, while the right one is broken off just above the base, and a spike juts out the back between the two. His eyes are covered by a visor, and the armored collar that circles his neck obscures the lower half of his face.

The visor can be flipped up to get a better look at what’s going on under there, showing Mandibulus’ mouth is locked in a perpetual scream. There’s some beautiful paintwork on his skull, giving it a brownish rotted finish. You also get a regular skull as a substitute head if you want, but why would you want to replace this masterpiece of a portrait?

Mandibulus comes with an excellent assortment of weapons, starting with the Orc scimitar. I liked this crude piece of cutlery as an Orc weapon, but I think it works equally well in the hands of a skeleton warrior. The sweeping blade swells into a clever-like point with a circle punched through it to lighten it a bit. The hilt is comprised of three curved bone horns, or perhaps fangs, and the blade has a rusty finish with several nicks taken out of the blade to show it’s seen a lot of action.

Next up, he comes with a stout, flanged mace for crushing the heads of the vile fleshies! The blackened head has painted brass rivets, and the shaft is sculpted with a wood finish and a butt cap. It’s a dark, knightly weapon appropriate for a dark skeletal knight!

And finally, we get this spear-axe type thing. We’ve seen this before as well, I believe last encountered with one of the Goblins. It’s another one of my favorite weapons, and I think it pairs perfectly with Mandibulus!

Mandibulus is an excellent addition to my Skeleton Legions, and yet another fine example of just how adept The Four Horsemen can be with mixing and matching parts, some new paint, and a new portrait. This guy oozes a lot of personality for a Skeleton and he instantly looks like he should be leading the other boney brutes into battle. Is he my favorite so far? Well, I don’t think anyone will ever rival Skapular The Cryptbreaker as my favorite Mythic Legions skeleton, but I’d still rank Mandibulus pretty high on my list.

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): King No’Glin by The Four Horsemen

My apologies folks, but it was another week of stunted content. And I was doing so well for a while there! Well, these tough weeks are still going to crop up now and again. I had originally planned today’s review for Wednesday, but I didn’t get any time to work on it until Wednesday night, so I had to cut my losses and bump it to the end of the week. Hopefully next week I’ll be back to firing on all cylinders. But for now, let’s just get on with it… It’s been a few weeks since I checked back in with Mythic Legions, and if memory serves I was in the process of running through reviews of all the Goblins! Today we’ll look to the very top of these grubby little bastards with the Goblin King himself, No’Glin! We’ve seen the Advent of Decay packaging so many times by now, let’s just jump right in to the figure!

And doesn’t No’Glin look every bit the distinguished Goblin monarch? Hell, I can just smell the Napoleon Complex wafting off of this guy! He dons full plate armor from neck to toe, which is basically a bronze version of what we saw worn by the likes of Knubnik and Thwikk. The big difference here is the middle armor which features some more ornate pieces to protect his hips and little Goblin man-jewels. The optional pair of shoulder armor is the same sculpt worn by Knubnik, which has a roughly-hewn and jagged flavor that I think works great for these little buggers. The new coloring for the armor is fantastic, giving it a bit more regal flavor than that of his rank-and-file subjects, while still looking functional. A little wash helps to bring out the details in the sculpt, as well as the bits of wear and weathering. He also has some more copper colored bits in the arms and upper legs, and sculpted chainmail can be seen in the elbows and knees. I don’t think I’ll ever cease to be impressed with the way T4H’s sculpt and paint conspire to make these plastic armor suits look so realistic.

No’Glin comes with two tattered capes, one red and one black. Based on the promotional photos, I think these are supposed to be worn together, but I’m more keen on just giving him the red one. It’s visibly dirty and I think it reflects how difficult it is for No’Glin to look majestic when he basically lives in a hole in the ground. It’s got to be tough to keep clean in those tunnels! Besides, I may wind up giving the black cape to Snagg. He looks like he could use a cape.

The head sculpt is magnificent, and that’s been the case with all the Goblins so far. No’Glin features a broad and squat face with a slightly conceited grin and two beady yellow eyes that peer out from beneath his crown. The crown itself looks like it’s carved out of an old tree stump and features cuts in the side to allow his long pointed ears to jut out and a tiny animal skull positioned on the forehead. The woodgrain pattern sculpted into the crown is magnificent and I was initially convinced that the crown was a separate sculpt and could be removed, but it’s actually part of the head. It really does look that good!

No’Glin comes equipped with a passel of different weapons, but the ones I chose to put on his belt are his standard broadsword and the hooked dagger and sheath that we first saw a while back with Lucretia the Vampire. The plastic sheath hooks onto the brown sword belt and has been repainted brown and bronze to match No’Glin’s armor. At first I thought this accessory would be a little too fancy for him, but it actually looks good on his belt. And being a king and all, he should probably have some bits of finery. The sword is one of the designs that we’ve been seeing since the original Kickstarter, with a straight guard and a simple disc pommel. The blade is silver and the hilt has a nice antiqued finish to it. By now, y’all should know I’m a big fan of this simple, serviceable, no-nonsense sword.

He also comes with two more exotic swords, one of which is a sickle-type blade we’ve seen before. In fact, we last saw its like equipped by one of his subjects, Thwikk. It has a silver painted blade and a simple hilt with gold fixtures and a blue grip. The design isn’t terribly Goblin-y to me, but the size is just right and it’s fancier than his regular sword. The other blade is an Orc sword, which I believe was introduced to us in Advent of Decay. There are no paint application on this piece, instead it’s cast all in silver. That feels like a bit of a cheap-out, but then again he does come with a lot of stuff. Again, there’s nothing new here, but since both of these weapons are newer additions to the Mythic Legions armory, so I’m happy to get them again.

And since all kings need some kind of staff, No’Glin comes with a spiked mace head on a long shaft, painted in bronze to match his armor. I last encountered this weapon when I reviewed Faustia, although she was part of the assortment that came afterwards, so it’s only fair to point out that The Goblin King had it first. It’s a very long weapon, so much so that it looks kind of silly when No’Glin is holding it straight up with the butt resting on the ground. It would have been cool if T4H made this piece so you can take a part of the shaft out and shorten it. I’m just going to assume it’s an ornamental weapon because I just can’t see him swinging it with any force.

Even with so many of them already on my shelf, I can’t even put into words the high I get off of opening these figures. You simply can’t go wrong with Mythic Legions’ Goblins and that goes double for their King. Apart from the head, there’s virtually nothing new here, and yet T4H continues to prove themselves to be wizards at mixing and matching parts to come up with a figure that still feels fresh and new. And the new head sculpt is just packed with personality. No’Glin is going to look great ruling over my Goblin Horde and leading them against Mythoss’ forces of good. I only wish we had a little throne for him. Then again with how popular and lucrative Mythic Legions continues to be, I think anything is possible. I mean, if T4H have already begun producing horses, maybe a selection of thrones isn’t out of the question some time down the road. Come on, Horsemen, give us some thrones in the next Kickstarter!

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Orc Legion Builder 2 by The Four Horsemen

Well, ain’t this a kick in the head… I actually made it through the week with three updates! I had a ton of options for content today, but in the end I just went into the Toy Closet and decided to open the first thing that hit me in the head from the toppling piles of shame. And it’s from Mythic Legions! You can never go wrong with Mythic Legions! This time I’m going all the way back to the Advent of Decay Series to check out Orc Legion Builder 2! At this point we’ve seen the packaging a hundred times, so let’s just jump right into the figure.

The original Orc Legion Builder was the last figure from the original Kickstarter that I reviewed back in 2016. This new version makes use of the new female parts from Advent of Decay to give us an Orc Femme Fatale. No, she’s not the first She-Orc I’ve reviewed here. That honor goes to Queen Urkzaa, and we’ll see some of those same parts used here. The left arm is almost identical to Urkzaa’s, being bare from the shoulder to the elbow and featuring the same grieve. The key difference here is this figure is wearing a full gauntlet as opposed to having a bare hand. The right arm breaks up the symmetry by being completely encased in armor and features a pauldron as well. Yup, OLB-2 only comes with the one Pauldron. The belt and groin armor are the same as Urkzaa’s, but this new Lady Orc includes plated hip armor attached to it. The legs are identical to Urkzaa’s down to the ankles. They’re bare down to the knee armor and in this case armored all the way down to her toes, whereas Urkzaa had bare feet. The biggest difference is in the chest armor, where Urkzaa made due with a simple armored bikini top and OLB-2 has full plate up there, exposing only her midriff.

Of course, the Legion Builders are slightly less expensive figures than the regular releases and that means they tend to have fewer paint apps and flourish. Still, what’s here is great. I love the shade of green they use for Orc flesh and, as always, I really dig the crude and jagged look of the Orc armor. The paintwork gives it a worn and weathered appearance, slightly darker than Urzkaa’s. The decision to include only one pauldron allows for the large sword to be worn on the back instead of the waist, which doesn’t work well with two pauldrons. Plus, it fits the look of the armored sleeve better. Still, it would have been nice to get a second, seeing as how this is a Legion Builder and meant to be kitted out as army builders. That second Pauldron would have allowed for a little more variety when displaying multiples. But hey, I’m not going to hold that against her.

The head sculpt features a smooth helmet that extends over the eyes and the bridge of her nose with cheek guards sweeping forward to points. There’s a pointed ridge that runs across the top like a mohawk and the eye slits are completely blacked out with no visible eyes behind them. The lower portion of the face is exposed showing a determined mouth with two tusk-like teeth protruding up from the lower jaw. She has pointed ears and a ponytail spills out the back of the helmet. resembling a horse tail. I’m assuming that’s intended to be her hair, but I suppose it could devised as something added to the helmet for ornamentation purposes.

When it comes to weapons, Orc Legion Builder 2’s arsenal is a total throwback to the original Kickstarter accessories. The sword is the two-hander with the slightly leaf-shaped blade that we’ve seen over and over again. And hey, I can’t deny that I still like this sword a lot. Many of the Legion Builders’ weapons are just one color, but this one is silver with a yellowish wash to make it look a little rusty.

Next up, it’s the familiar old battle axe. This is actually the exact same axe that came with the first Orc Legion Builder only now in silver with the same yellowish wash as the sword. Previously, this axe often included an axtra blade so you can change it from single to double-bladed. That’s not the case here. Again, I get it that these are the less expensive figures, but it would be nice to have more display options for army builders.

And finally, yup you probably guessed it, it’s the spear. At this point, I probably have more of these spears than any other accessory in the history of my collecting. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m ready for something else to take its place. This weapon is painted to match the others, so once again it’s all silver with a yellow wash.

I love this figure, and I actually wish I my budget would have allowed me to pick up one more. Mixing her up with the male Orc Legion Builder grants some nice diversity to my Orc army’s ranks. But obviously my big complaint here is the tired selection of weapons. We’ve seen these so many times now, and Advent of Decay introduced so many new ones. I would have liked to get at least one of the new ones with this figure. Some of the newer crude-looking weapons have been so underused and they would have been most welcome bundled with this figure.

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Queen Urkzaa by The Four Horsemen

Today’s review falls into the better late than never category. I chipped away at it between hospital visits and family crisis, and managed to just wrap it up this evening. If there was ever a great example of how toys are therapy to help me get through impossible situations, this week has been it. So, what’s on today’s agenda? Orcs!!! The Orcs were a big part of previous waves of Mythic Legions, but they got the short stick when it comes to Advent of Decay. Hey, I get it. T4H had a lot of new races and factions to introduce, so it was only natural that some previous ones had to take the bench and sit most of this one out. That’s not to say the Orcs were completely absent from this assortment and today I’m checking out one of their few appearances in the Advent of Decay. And it’s none other than Queen Urkzaa, the ruler of the Orc Nation!

We’ve already seen these scantily clad female parts several times, not to mention in a variety of different skin colors, but here we’re seeing it in green for the first time. Urkzaa’s body is actually a pretty close match to the Demoness Xarria, as she shares a lot of that wonderfully crude and jagged armor that works so well with Orcs and Demons. The breast armor, the forearms, the knees, and the grieves are all the same. The waist armor is also the same, but here it lacks the hip armor and trades the front sash for a swatch of segmented plate. Urzkaa also borrows Herra Serpenspire’s bare feet. And here’s a fun fact, she’s one of the very few figures in the Mythic Legions line up to not come with any shoulder armor pieces.

Obviously, the Orcs don’t stand on ceremony, because despite being a Queen Urzkaa doesn’t cut a very regal appearance. Instead, she looks more like a savage warrior, and she even wears less than her fellow Orc generals and soldiers. T4H have used a few different shades of green to convey Orc flesh and I like that little hint of variety. Urzkaa’s skin leans a little toward the brighter side of green with some nice shading, and even some paint hits on her fingernails and toenails. The paint on the armor looks as great as ever. The gray wash mixes beautifully with the rough pitting in the sculpt to make it look well-worn and battle weathered. From the neck down, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that Urzkaa is the ruler of the Orc Nation.

The portrait is all business! Urzkaa still manages to be a cutie even with those massive fangs growing up out of the bottom of her jaw. Some added ridges to her nose and brow gives her that not-quite-human appearance, and her almond shaped eyes are yellow and pupil-less. Is that a little mascara I see? The hair sculpt features two bundles of banded hair, each falling in front of one of her pointed ears. The rest of her hair is funneled through a headdress that I can only describe as a creature skull with an inverted jaw bone. It looks damned wicked!

As with her armor, when it comes to weapons, I guess Urzkaa believes less is more. In other words, she doesn’t come with a whole lot. She also doesn’t believe in carrying a shield. With that having been said, there are a couple of interesting blades in her arsenal. The first of which is the really cool Orc sword that was introduced in one of the earlier series. This design features a really distinctive hilt the handle and cross-guard made up of curved horns or teeth, I’m not sure which. The blade is that of a sweeping scimitar with a dark gray finish and a nasty clipped point that gives it a feel of a clever. The blade itself is littered with nicks and pitting to show that it’s seen plenty of action. T4H have used this blade very sparingly throughout the line so far, so getting it here is still a real treat.

The other piece we’ve seen before is the classic spear that goes all the way back to the original Kickstarter. If you’ve been around for my Mythic Legions reviews, then you know we’ve seen this one plenty of times. It’s possibly the least interesting of all the Mythic Legions arsenal, with a chunky shaft and the point all sculpted as one piece. This one has a brown rusty finish, which looks quite unbecoming of the Orc Queen, but it still looks good in her hands.

The final weapon included here is this grizzly looking bone cutlass. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’ve seen this weapon and it is a pretty evil looking piece of cutlery. It’s all sculpted from one piece of plastic and made to look like it’s constructed of fused bones, and the yellowed finish makes it look ancient.

I’m a little torn on this figure, mainly because of her bio. On the one hand, the figure itself looks amazing and I’m thrilled to be able to add her to my collection of Orcs. On the other hand, even for a savage race of warriors, as a Queen I think Urzkaa looks a bit too pedestrian. I would have liked a cape, maybe attached with those jagged shoulder pieces, or even some skull shoulders would have been cool. She’ll look great charging into battle with her fellow clan, but I feel like her design pales in comparison to the Goblin and Dwarf Kings, not to mention some of the more elaborate skeletons. I haven’t decided whether or not to toss out her bio and just consider her a female warrior, but either way I think she’s a fantastic figure.

Mythic Legions (Advent of Decay): Shadow Elf Warrior by The Four Horsemen

Obligations in my personal life are getting a bit crazy at the moment and that will be the case the next month or so. A tiny part of me is tempted to put FFZ on hiatus. Luckily, the other parts of me are reasoning that writing about toys is good therapy, so I’m pressing on with business as usual and opening another figure on this fine Mythic Legions Wednesday. I am, however, taking it easy today and going with a figure that will be pretty simple to cover, because he’s extremely similar to a figure we’ve looked at before!

Behold! The Shadow Elf Warrior! We’ve already established that there are many types of Elves in Mythoss and today we’re seeing a new kind! This fellow is kind of a Legion Builder in that he doesn’t have a character specific bio, but he does have some additional paint applications, just maybe not as much as a regular figure. Still, without looking back at my original invoice, I can’t remember if he was one of the budget figures or a regular release. Does he look familiar? He should, because he’s very nearly a straight repaint the Elf Legion Builder. The only different parts are the lower arms and lower legs, which eschew the full plate-mail armor of the previous figure with the lighter wrist bracers and leather-like boots. The rest of the figure is totally the same, even the optional shoulder armor pieces.

And yup, that even includes the head sculpt. Well, two of them to be precise. The Shadow Elf Warrior includes an open faced-helmet, showing off his inky blue skin, pupil-less eyes and long pointed ears. We’ve seen this face before with both caucasian and dark brown skin, and now we’re adding blue into the mix. I still love the contours of the helmet, which give it an organic, if not alien flavor.

The other head is the same helmet with a fully enclosed face plate that leaves just the ears exposed. This takes the same great design and just ups the cool factor by covering the face and making the portrait all the more mysterious. This head also adds a metallic blue stripe to the helmet, which I like, but it discounts the ability to make this the same character head with just the mask added. I also have to report that this particular head features the biggest paint flub I’ve had on any of my Mythic Legions figures. There’s a bit of blue chipped off the stripe and some blue splash on the mask’s left cheek. It’s disappointing, but this line still has a tremendous track record when it comes to nearly immaculate paintwork.

As the name suggests, the base coloring here is a bit subdued, but there’s plenty of flourishes to brighten things up. Much of the armor on the arms and legs is a deep brown with the cuirass and waist armor featuring a purple wash. t works well to make the armor look more like leather than plate and also contrasts nicely with the electric blue metallic paint used for the bracers and knee armor, which are clearly supposed to be plate. Similar blue is used for some of the accents on the upper legs, upper arms, exposed chain-mail, and pauldrons. Copper paint is meticulously applied to all the tiny sculpted rivets, as well as the buckles on each of the individual straps on the armor. The blue and copper mingle beautifully for the disc-shaped belt buckle, and all in all, this is another fine example of some rather unorthodox color choices turning out a striking figure.

This Elven Shadow Warrior doesn’t exactly come packed with a ton of accessories, although the extra head should count, I suppose. With that being said, he does come with the ubiquitous two-handed sword that we see over and over (and over!) again, and I’m still fine with that. Although, as much as I like it, I am starting to think that T4H maybe should have tossed one more two-handed sword design to offset the fatigue over this one being included so many times. I mean, if for some reason you don’t like this design, then you’re pretty much screwed! Personally, I think it works well with this figure, especially with the dark painted hilt, and as you can see, I like him wearing it with the belt over his shoulder and the sword slung across his back.

A shield is included, and we’ve seen this one before as well, probably most recently with the Myria Goldenbranch. I like this shield, and I don’t have a whole lot of them, so I certainly don’t mind getting it again, although I do wonder why T4H didn’t choose to include the Elf shield that they designed with more of the Elves. It’s a beautiful piece, and technically we haven’t even seen it here yet, because I haven’t yet opened the figure it comes with. I think this particular shield works well with the woodland Elves, but this Shadow Elf could have used something more exotic.

I’ve saved the best accessory for last, and that’s this large Elf axe. I don’t believe we’ve come across this one yet, and it is indeed a sexy piece of cutlery. Everything about is exotic, from the turned ebony handle to the sweeping curves of the silver blade. Even the butt of the shaft ends in a sharp bladed point. It’s large enough to be wielded with two hands, yet slender enough for one. I love this weapon!

Being more than a dozen figures into the Advent of Decay series, it’s expected to be encountering figures with lots of re-used parts. That is, after all, the very nature of this line. So, I’m fine with a figure like the Shadow Elf Warrior being more or less a repaint of a past figure, with just a few parts swapped. The new deco looks amazing and I’m continually impressed at how by just changing up the paint, T4H are able to transform parts from heavy full-plate armor to something that more resembles leather. I can happily stand this figure beside the Elf Legion Builder without the similar sculpts slapping me in the face. The axe is a great addition to the Elf arsenal, but I would have preferred the Elf shield be included instead of the round one we got. Either way, he’s another great figure to add to the collection!