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FigureFan was born in 1972 and grew up in an age that would later be known as The Great Action Figure Era. His collecting began with hand-me-down toys bestowed upon him by his uncle, which included 12-inch GI Joes and Mego Star Trek and Planet of the Apes figures. He can still remember the Christmas he got his first new action figures, The Micronauts and soon move on to Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, and MASK.

In the forty years that followed, FigureFan has made a living as an academic writer and in various fields of the collectibles market from swords and militaria to comics, and ultimately becoming owner-operator of a successful antique and collectible bookshop for nearly a decade. But despite these forays into brokering sales of antique blades and bartering for rare first editions, he always managed to find his way back to collecting toys and action figures.

Now, FigureFan sucks at the cozy corporate teat with a cushy job that bankrolls the horrific depravity of his plastic addiction. He passes most of his leisure time drinking heavily and sniping action figure auctions on Ebay while stroking his cat, like some malevolent Bond villain. He also spends an obscene amount of time watching old episodes of Doctor Who and writing about toys.

One by one… the collection is displayed.

And we have such sights to show you!

DISCLAIMER, aka. Some things you should know about FigureFan…

This blog is all about toys and action figures, but it is meant for ADULT consumption. I tend to use colorful language. I try not to do it excessively, but when I get passionate about something, I tend to start dropping linguistic bombs. If this offends you, this may not be the place for you. Which, leads me to…

Like many writers, I likes me my alcohol. The hooch! Hair of the Dog! Liquid Indulgences! Drinky-poos! I have been known to write under the influence… especially when I am writing. Occasionally it will lead me to be rather casual in my punctuation and syntax and not wholly indicative of my educational background as a writer.  If this offends you, this might not be the place for you. Also, see above.

I do not get review samples from toy companies. I do not set myself up as an industry insider. I do this blog for fun and I don’t make a dime from it. Every now and then I will get sent something from a friend or reader who wants me to write about it. The overwhelming majority of what you see featured here was bought and paid for by yours truly. Which, leads me to…

People tend to tell me that I’m too generous when evaluating certain toys. That’s because I tend to buy what I think I will like, and I like a lot of different things. If I’m harshly ragging on a particular figure or toy, it’s because I thought I was going to like it and it disappointed me. But as a rule, I don’t spend money on things that I think I might hate. That’s probably why I often come across as overly forgiving, even with figures that are far from perfect. Consider this place a sanctuary, a peaceful island in an ocean of Internet vitriol.

I am clearly not a photographer. I use a sentimental old Nikon camera that has been halfway around the world with me and banged around a lot, and I make due with the bare minimum for a studio environment. But since it is a bad artist who blames his tools, I’ll just confess that I do my best and try not to think of the picture taking as a chore. On the good days, I can keep most of the cat hair out of the pictures. In recent years, I’ve made an effort to get better and every now and again, I even snap a picture or two that I’m proud of.

And lastly, I love to hear from other collectors. I enjoy hearing about their opinions on figures, and most of all I really dig seeing their displays. So feel free to drop me a comment or send me some pics of your collection setup. I’m a friendly guy and love to talk shop. You can also visit my Facebook Page to see a lot of pics and updates that I don’t necessarily post here.

I CAN HAZ EMAILS?? Drop me a line at FFZDave@figurefanzero.com


All images and text published on FigureFan Zero are for entertainment purposes and are owned by the author. You may not post, publish, reproduce or in anyway modify any of the content herein or directly link to any images or media hosted here without the owner’s express written permission. In other words, please do not bogart my shit without asking first.

Copyright © FigureFan Zero 2010-2015. All Rights Reserved. “ToyCat” Image © ToyCattica Industries Inc. Meow!


20 comments on “About FigureFan

  1. I saw pictures of your 3rd and 4th doctor sonic screwdrivers. They were placed in transparent stands. Where could I find such stands?

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you now that I just opened a box that I haven’t looked in over 15 years and have the RoboCop from your 11/07/2011 entry that is still in the original package dated 1994. Also 58 other action figures in the same box.

  3. Yeah. Found a total of 59 action figures in this one large box. I still have 9 more boxes to look inside of, they are all from 1989 to 1995.

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