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And we have such sights to show you!

Some Pointless FFZ-FAQ’s

Is this a great place for kids? NO! This blog is all about toys and action figures, but it is meant for ADULT consumption. I tend to use colorful language, especially when I’m drinking, which is almost always when I’m writing. Yes, folks, I likes me my alcohol. Hooch! Hair of the Dog! Liquid Indulgences! Drinky-poos! If this offends you, this may not be the place for you.

Your name is stupid, where’d you get it? Yes it is, and I remember it’s origin well. I was on a forum a long time ago, two in the morning and drunk off my ass. A bunch of fellow toy nerds were talking shit about something and I wanted to participate. When I tried to post, I remembered I wasn’t registered, so I came up with the first stupid thing my alcohol-addled brain could come up with: FigureFan. Later I used it for a LiveJournal account. Later, when I started this site, I was playing Mega Man Zero and I thought adding the Zero sounded cool. Again, I was drunk.

I am clearly not a photographer. I use a sentimental old Nikon camera that has been halfway around the world with me and banged around a lot. Then that broke and I replaced it with an equally shitty one. I make due with the bare minimum for a studio environment, but I do my best. I’d like to think I’ve shown improvement over the years and on the good days, I can keep most of the cat hair out of the picture.

And lastly, I love to hear from other collectors. I enjoy hearing about their opinions on figures, and most of all I really dig seeing their displays. So feel free to drop me a comment or send me some pics of your collection setup. One of the best things about doing this blog is all the great friends I’ve made, and I’ve always got room for more!

I CAN HAZ EMAILS?? Drop me a line at FFZDave@figurefanzero.com


All images and text published on FigureFan Zero are for entertainment purposes and are owned by the author. You may not post, publish, reproduce or in anyway modify any of the content herein or directly link to any images or media hosted here without the owner’s express written permission. In other words, please do not bogart my shit without asking first.

Copyright © FigureFan Zero 2010-2021. All Rights Reserved. “ToyCat” Image © ToyCattica Industries Inc. Meow!

29 comments on “About FigureFan

  1. I saw pictures of your 3rd and 4th doctor sonic screwdrivers. They were placed in transparent stands. Where could I find such stands?

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you now that I just opened a box that I haven’t looked in over 15 years and have the RoboCop from your 11/07/2011 entry that is still in the original package dated 1994. Also 58 other action figures in the same box.

  3. Yeah. Found a total of 59 action figures in this one large box. I still have 9 more boxes to look inside of, they are all from 1989 to 1995.

  4. Hi. I run a Mecha Musume page on FaceBook. We cover all sorts of personification stuff related to Strike Witches, KanColle, Sky Girls, Busou Shinki, etc. Would it be okay to post links to some of your figure reviews?

  5. I stumbled upon this site/blog upon my quest to look up all things Mythic Legions, and it is quite a treat to read all of your reviews and see the amount of pictures you post per figure to really show all the awesome detail that 4 Horsemen really put into their stuff.

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