DC Universe Classics Wave 11: The Question by Mattel

I didn’t forget that I need to revisit the rest of Wave 11, so in the interest of taking a short break from the cavalcade of Tron Legacy toys, [oh yes, there’s more coming… so don’t pass out on me yet, Calahan! -FF] I thought I’d take a look at the other figure that was my most anticipated release of the wave: The Question.

During the heavy comic book reading days of my youth, I had an on-again off-again relationship with The Question. I can’t say as I particularly loved the comics I read, but I did recognize and love a lot of the same styles that were present in my favorite pulps like Mickey Spillane and the like. Beyond that I just loved his character design. You want to instill fear in the scum of the city, don’t dress up like some fruity bat. No, come out of the dark at them with a raincoat, fedora and no friggin face! That’ll scare them straight. More recently, I kind of rediscovered him based on his appearances in Justice League Unlimited as he was voiced by the masterful Jeffrey Combs, a performance that really added a lot of depth to the character.

Pretty standard DCUC packaging here. Remember, this is Wave 11, so there’s no Collector’s Button peeking through the bottom insert of the bubble. I’m both delighted and amazed that The Question appears as a Fan’s Choice selection and there’s a sticker on the bubble distinguishing him as such.

In a line of figures that tends to rely a lot on generic bodies and painted costumes, The Question is certainly a very unique looking figure. Mattel obviously had to do a lot of original tooling for this guy and it was certainly worth it. His double breasted vest and trenchcoat are both separately sculpted pieces, as is his necktie. It all conspires to give him a layered realism to his sculpt. I guess if you’re going to do a sculpt this unique, you might as well go all out. His face is obviously blank, but there’s some good detail in his hair and the sculpted fedora. And between that fedora and high collared raincoat, this guy’s profile is that of a truly classic pulp icon.

As you might expect, The Question’s sculpted plastic trenchcoat takes its toll on the figure’s articulation. His legs have all the points you would expect from a DCUC figure, including universal hip joints, swivels in the thighs, and hinges in the knees and ankles. You can get some movement here thanks to the soft sculpt of the raincoat, but there is some limitation there. From the waist up, he has universal joints in his shoulders, swivels in the biceps, hinges in the elbows and swivels in the wrists. His head is also ball jointed.

Considering the DCUC line is mostly based on colorfully costumed superheroes, The Question may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But obviously there’s enough love floating around for him to get him picked as the Fan’s Choice figure. Whatever the case, it’s hard to deny that Mattel went all out on the sculpt. He’s just plain awesome.

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