Batman Legacy: Batgirl by Mattel

Ok, time for the last figure in this three figure assortment from Mattel’s Batman Legacy line. Catman was the figure I wanted most in this wave, Batman was the one I wanted least, Batgirl falls in line just under Catman. With so many DC Universe figures under my belt, it surprises me that I don’t already have a Batgirl in my collection. I was tempted to say that I would have preferred the blue and grey suited version, but once I got this one in hand, I found myself pretty satisfied with this Silver Age version. Let’s check her out.

Ah, the packaging. So nice. I’ve already said all there is to say about it, so let’s just take a moment and enjoy it’s beauty. Ahhhh. Unfortunately, Batgirl is packed in a bit of an action pose, and that caused problems for her right leg joint. It took me a little while with a heat gun to get everything straightened out, but it all worked out in the end… more or less.
So, forget what I said about me ever thinking I would rather have the blue and grey version over this one. Yes, it’s the same sculpt… and the sculpt is fantastic, but here’s an example of how simply changing the coloring can dramatically change a figure from great to obnoxiously great. Batgirl retains the bright blue cape and cowl, but her body is done over in a glossy black latexy looking finish that contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow of her boots, gauntlets, utility belt and bat symbol. This figure’s colors really come together to make an amazing looking piece.
Getting back to the sculpt for a moment, there are some really nice detail touches on the body. I’m particularly happy about the fringe work on the tops of her boots and the details in the utility belt. But the real draw of this scult is Barbara Gordon’s head. She’s attractive and while the hair does interfere a bit with her neck articulation, its very nicely sculpted.

Batgirl comes with a pretty cool exclusive mini poster and the same style stand that came with Catman and Batman. It’s silver and its personalized with her name on the front. She doesn’t come with any other accessories, which is a tad disappointing because her right hand is obviously sculpted to hold something.
And that’s the second wave of Batman Legacy, folks. I really can’t recommend this Batgirl figure enough. The sculpt is solid enough, but its the colors that really make her pop. Once again, $20 a pop is a little steep for what is basically a DC Universe figure in special packaging, but when the figure is this good, I have no problems with paying up. She’s going to look great on my DCUC shelves.

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