Perfect Dark: Joanna Dark (Deluxe Armored Version) 1:6 Scale Figure by Blue Box

Last time we checked out the standard version of console first-person shooter queen Joanna Dark by Blue Box, this time we up the ante a bit with a look at the Deluxe version of the figure. A lot about this figure is similar to the last one, so I’m going to make it a quickie.

BBi used the exact same package for both the regular flavor Joanna and this one. It’s a sturdy half tube that displays the figure pretty well and serves equally well as storage. The back panel shows both figures. Not much else new to say here.
This version of Joanna uses the exact same body as the previous version, but features a slight resculpt to the head and different hands. If you read yesterday’s review than you’ll understand I’m perfectly fine with this arrangement. The figure’s body is excellent with a solid level of poseability and the head sculpt is very nicely executed with superb paintwork. The hands this time are sculpted wearing fingerless gloves, and you actually get a second pair to switch out. Why? No idea. The hands that come on the figure are perfectly adequate, so I’ve never even taken the second set off the bubbles. The change in the head sculpt only involves the addition of an earpiece and microphone.
The Deluxe nature of this figure mostly factors in with her outfit, which is a lot more complex than the simple pleather body suit seen on yesterday’s feature. This Joanna features a black body stocking, black combat boots, blue pleather pants, a pleather half-jacket that clasps at the front, and pieces of vac-metalized armor for her arms and legs. She also has a belt with a loop that serves as a holster for her sidearm. There’s a lot of really nice little details on her outfit, including sculpted ammo on her boots and belt and jacket. I think the armor pieces are a bit much and they don’t really stay in place all that well, but you can always remove them if you choose.
                           As with the regular version of Joanna, this armored version also comes up short in the accessories, as she includes only a single handgun, this time a larger silver automatic pistol with a scope. It’s a nice looking piece, complete with removeable clip, but just like the other Joanna figure, I had to lend her some weapons from my stash to really make her feel complete.
If memory serves, this version of Joanna sold for around $30. While she’s definitely lacking in the accessories department, she’s still a really nice figure for a 1:6 scale in her price range. The outfit looks great, although I do prefer her without the vac-metal pieces. Blue Box did a really nice job with these figures and it makes me wish they had been able to do a Lara Croft in a similar style, scale, and price range. Joanna still turns up from time to time on Ebay and is definitely worth a look if you can grab her for at or below her original price tag, just make sure you’ve got some extra weapons kicking around to help complete the package.

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