Watchmen Series 1: Modern Nite Owl by DC Direct

Ok, so I had originally planned on being back yesterday with a look at Modern Nite Owl, but I got a little tripped up for time, (surprisingly enough alcohol wasn’t involved) so Watchmen Week is spilling out into one more day. I was probably going to just take today off anyway, so everything worked out for the best. So let’s press on. The Doomsday Clock is just about up and I really want to put this week to bed…

Here’s our last look at DC Direct’s brilliant Watchmen packaging. Brilliant or not, after a week of the same packaging, I’ve got nothing else to say. Which is good, because I also completely forgot to take a picture of the boxed figure before taking out the trash (this time, alcohol was involved). Nonetheless, if you’re hankering to see one more boxed Watchmen figure, you’ll get your wish at the end of today’s feature.

In the film, Nite Owl’s character design went in a similar direction to Ozymandias. The costume favors some level of realism over dynamic design and in the end you get something pretty simple and serviceable not unlike a modern Batman motif only with owls (What? A guy can dress like a bat, but not an owl?).That’s not a criticism, mind you, the new outfit design worked really well on screen and as it turns out DC Direct crafted it into one great looking figure.

The tiny scale patterned texture on the suit really makes Nite Owl stand out and it’s rather reminiscent of chain mail armor. It’s also easily my favorite thing about this figure. The sculpted striping and reinforced portions of the suit’s design give him a decidedly Art Deco vibe. The cowl is layered on the figure as a separate piece of plastic and meshes with the pliable, soft plastic cape very nicely. The head sculpt is as solid as it gets, with excellent detailing on the hood and what you can see of the face offers an appropriately stoic expression. The impressive sculpt is rounded out with some exceptionally nice paintwork with a two-tone coppery finish that really ties the whole figure together. For a guy in an owl themed suit, this figure turned out pretty majestic looking and even downright artistic.

Nite Owl’s articulation offers the best we can expect from this line. The neck and shoulders are ball jointed, the arms feature hinged elbows and swivels in the wrists. The legs have a standard “T” at the hips and hinges in the knees. It’s also worth noting that his crescent boomerang is removable from the belt (it just pegs in) although DCD didn’t have the foresight to put a peg hole in his palm, so he really can’t hold it all that well. Bummer!

Had DC Direct decided to phone this guy in, Nite Owl could have turned out looking mighty bland. Instead they went above and beyond with some beautiful, detailed texturing in the sculpt, great looking paint, and solid articulation. I think I recall saying the same thing about Dr. Manhattan, but it rings true here as well. He’s certainly one of my favorite figures in the line and that’s saying a lot. If you discount the inconsistent articulation, DCD’s line of Watchmen figures is an all-around fantastic set. They display wonderfully on my shelf and the extra variant figures are a really nice bonus.

And yes, folks, I realize that I did leave one figure out this week: The exclusive variant of The Comedian. Since I already featured the regular version of Comedian a while back, in that incredibly lazy link at the beginning of the week, I didn’t really see the need to revisit the whole figure just for the sake of the younger, unmasked variant head, but just to be complete, I’ll leave you with a shot of that figure in package.

Phew… that was a long week and it’s time for me to hit snooze on the Doomsday Clock and go back to bed. I have a couple more themed weeks planned for December, but next week is just going to be a little bit of everything as I try to clear out some of the things still kicking around on my receivings pile.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow with a little Lego action…

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