Mythic Legions (All-Stars 4): Forest Troll 2 by The Four Horsemen

Pre-ordering new waves of Mythic Legions is almost always brutal. It involves adding up numbers, trying to budget as many figures as I can, and in the end it comes down to staring at the screen and trying to figure out where to make cuts. Sometimes, figures are offered up again, but it’s generally safe to assume that if you skip a figure the first go around, there’s a good chance you’ll have to pay a premium from a secondary seller in order to get it later on. And that brings us to The Forest Troll! Two of these big bois were released as part of Wave 1.5, and I could not afford both. I think it literally came down to flipping a coin and then disregarding the result and getting the Stone Troll because I liked his weapon a better. But fast forward to a little while ago and The Four Horsemen bestowed upon us The Forest Troll 2 as part of the fourth All-Stars Wave. As near as I can tell, Forest Troll 2 is just a re-release of the original, but with a second head added, so it was a Win-Win for me! Let’s check him out! Oh yeah, I already have the box in storage, because I’m moving, so let’s jump straight to the figure!

Even with three of these big guys already in my collection, The Forest Troll still impresses me with his sheer size. The Trolls tower over the regular 6-inch Legions figures, and they look like they could make pretty short work of the Ogre Class figures as well. Of course, we’ve seen this body before, as T4H have recycled the Troll body for each release, making these guys rely on new paint and different types of garments around their waist, to distinguish them from the neck down. And since I’ve reviewed this body sculpt three times now, I won’t go into all the details again. The Forest Troll features a green hide on his back and beige for his soft belly, with some gradations of the two intermingling throughout. Yup, the belt buckle and wrist cuffs are the same, but The Forest Troll employs a brown furry diaper to conceal his tree and bushes.

As I mentioned, you get two heads with this guy: The original Forest Troll head, which is what I’m using for the bulk of this review, and a repaint of The Ice Troll head. I do indeed like both, but I’ll be going with the original Forest Troll head most of the time, because I like having a unique head sculpt on each of my Trolls. It also helps that this is my favorite of all the Troll head sculpts. I love the bulbous nose, the deep set yellow eyes, the goblin-like ears, and the mess of tusks coming up from each corner of his mouth. This is just a fabulous and distinctive looking portrait that suits the figure perfectly.

The Ice Troll head is no slouch either! Indeed, I’d even grant that it’s the better sculpt of the two. There’s so much sharp detail here, and it looks pretty great all repainted up in forest-y colors. But I have to believe that the horns on this guy were inspired by the Taun Tauns in Star Wars, and that makes it a very ice-specific sculpt to me. Still, it’s always nice to have options!

Forest Troll 2 comes with a rudimentary mace, which consists of a spiked ball attached to what looks like a tree trunk with a couple of reinforcing bands. There’s some nice percussive damage to part of it, making me wonder what the hell he hit with it! I am going to assume this is the same weapon that came with the first Forest Troll, but as we’ve already established, I don’t have that one to check. One weird thing, my Troll’s mace has something loose inside it that makes it sound like a giant baby rattle when you shake it!

As always, articulation is fairly basic on these guys, but there’s enough here for some fun. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and elbows, with heavy ratchets in the shoulders to support the weight of the big arms and the big weapon. Like wise, you get strong rotating hinges in the hips, no knee articulation, but swivels in both the wrists and ankles.

And there you have it! My Quartet of Trolls is finally complete! And with The Forest Troll finally in my stable of big uglies, I can rest complete. And I kind of hope that T4H are done with making these behemoths, because as much as I love them, I really don’t have any room for more. But with that being said, if the engineer a brand new figure to take continue this size class, I’ll certainly consider whatever they come up with.

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