Toy Tour #1

Howdy, folks! Instead of a review today, I decided to kick off a little tour of some of my collection, starting with the Toy Room of the house. Next week I’ll follow it up by checking out the Toy Closets, some other display spots, and my Comic Book themed office. In an unusual burst of motivation and energy I spent a lot of time last week getting this Toy Room in good order, and I thought it would be a good idea to shoot some pictures before it got out of hand again. So let’s start with three main shots!

This is basically the view walking in and then turning around twice to the left. Jake Cat is in the picture because that’s one of his favorite windows to look out of and so he’s there a lot. He is very respectful of the toys in the room, which is great, but I do lose some prime display space in the area where he sits. He owns it, and it’s off limits to me and my toys. Oh well! This room is admittedly a pretty eclectic display, although it does focus on four of the toy lines that are most important to me and I am actively collecting: Transformers, Star Wars, G.I. JOE, and ThunderCats. It’s also already facing its share of growing pains and will likely get overhauled again in the future. Let’s just start to the right of the door and work our way around!

G.I. JOE! I absolutely love that Hasbro’s Real American Hero has made a return in such a big way. Classified started out pretty OK and has grown into being absolutely amazing! I’m also quite addicted to Super7’s ReAction line. G.I. JOE used to just be in the first book case, but between ReAction and Classified, JOE needed more room! I had Mythic Legions displayed beside it, but I was never happy with that display. It wasn’t enough space and there were a lot of avalanches. As a result, Mythic Legions has been sidelined until I can work out something else to do The Four Horsemen’s magnificent figures the justice they deserve. I have a halfway decent 25th Anniversary JOE collection and some vehicles, but they aren’t on display now. We may see some of those next week. When Super7’s Ultimate JOEs start shipping, I’ll have to figure something out. They may go on the shelves in front of the carded ReAction line. Ideally, the table top that the other cases are standing on will be for the HasLab HISS, but there’s a good chance Super7’s ThunderCats may take this space over and the Thunder Tank will go there. We’ll see! I’ve been using NECA stands for the Classified JOEs and they seem to work pretty well. I only see one Trooper that’s tipped back, but so far no avalanches! Some of the Troopers and BATs may need to get put away as I get more individual characters.

Next up is Masters of the Universe Origins, and boy has this line taken off like crazy! I was originally going to use this space to display my MOTU Classics collection, but it wouldn’t have been enough room, and I kind of preferred having Origins there since it’s an ongoing collection that I can keep adding to. Origins is such a fantastic line, and since I never had the vintage toys as a kid, getting these is like experiencing the next best thing! I keep some empty vehicle boxes in the big Grayskull box and there’s some boxed Mythic Legions figures under the desk. I use the drawers for bags of accessories, figure stands, and the like. I promised myself I wouldn’t collect the Masterverse figures, but in the end I compromised and I’m allowing myself to collect the Princess of Power figures only. And speaking of which, I absolutely love the artwork on that Matty She-Ra figure box and one day I may even get around to giving that figure a proper review.

Sandwiched between the G.I. JOE and MOTU Origins is this case of Transformers and it is already bursting at the seams. Lately, I tend to sell off past Transformers that get better releases, so much of this case is populated with modern figures. There’s mostly mostly movie stuff on top, Decepticons below that, Autobots below that, and then it gets more random. Bad Cube’s Insecticons are in there, a vintage Transformers figure case full of various CHUG. Above it all are some carded Super7 ReAction, and I’ve already run out of room to hang the new additions. I think my Transformers purchases have finally started to slow down, but we’ll see some more of this collection next week in one of the Toy Closets!

Inside the closet is more toys! I use the center shelves for my Playmobil PlaymoSpace collection. I was introduced to these toys when I was living in France for a while and I fell in love with them. I can’t even express how much nostalgia I get from these! I also have some more modern pirate sets, as well as some knights and cowboys. When you collect Playmobil, you inevitably end up with bins and bins of parts, and there’s some of that in here too. There are just a few more items I need for the PlaymoSpace collection to be complete!

The rest of this closet is just a mix of all sorts of stuff. To the left I have a bunch of boxed Figmas, my collection of Sailor Moon Figuarts and a few Prize Figures. I don’t really collect any of these lines anymore, and I really should sell some of them off, but I can’t bring myself to do it just yet. These are excellent figures, but I just don’t watch a lot of Anime any more. Oh yeah, and there’s a few random carded Indiana Jones figures tucked in there too.

On the right side, I have some NECA Quarter-Scale figures. There’s 89 and 66 Batman, Iron Man and Cap from The Avengers, and Deadpool. Another line I don’t really collect anymore, but I can’t bring myself to part with these. I actually have Homecoming Spider-Man sharing Cap’s box too! Up top is Mattel’s 66 Batmobile with some of the figures, and one of my boxed MOTU Classics Wind Raiders.

Below that is more randomness! Warpo’s Big Cthulhu, the OTC Falcon, all the Lost Exo Realm Not-Dinobots are in here, some Rebels vehicles. I can see the main gun of the G.I.JOE Grizzly and the bow of the Hydrofoil peaking out too!

Top shelf is even more randomness! Some boxed Indiana Jones vehicles, a Boglin, and some Star Wars LEGO sets, which I built and returned to the box. I generally disassemble these and put them in baggies with the instructions and add them to one of the LEGO totes. Eventually I will build them again!

Moving on to the left is a case of Star Wars Black Series with some carded Rogue One Vintage Collection hanging above. I got out most of the figures from A New Hope up top and a lot of Empire Strikes Back. The re-issues of the Rogue One Black Series figures in boxes with the Rebels Black Series in front, and then some Endor figures, Luke and Landspeeder, Sandtrooper and Dewback, and some assorted boxed figures. There’s some more Star Wars randomness shoved in the corner. Other than the top two shelves, I’m not totally satisfied with this display, and I may try to work on it some more next week, but not sure what else to do with it.

Above the closet wall I have some boxed Vintage Collection toys. The first four ships, Poe’s X-Wing, Luke’s X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Slave-1, haven’t been opened yet. I know these aren’t meant to be disassembled and returned to the boxes, so I’ve been putting off doing that. The Haslab Razor Crest box is empty, and the last four. AT=ST Walker, Tatooine Skiff, Jabba Palace, and Rogue One Hover Tank, have been opened but the toys are back in the boxes for now.

Moving to the left of the Star Wars Black case, Hasbro’s giant AT-AT, and under Jake Cat’s perch is some more Star Wars Black, some carded Vintage Collection, and some boxed and carded Black Series. I have a little Jabba Palace set up going on, and boy do I wish someone would sell a custom throne for him. Also, it’s such a shame that Hasbro hasn’t given us more of Jabba’s crew in Black Series. Hidden behind some of the carded figures on the bottom shelf are Jada’s Back to the Future DeLoreans and KITT from Knight Rider. I have to find some place to display those. To the left of that are some boxed Transformers reissues, along with the SDCC Soundwave and Blaster, and Hasbro’s Masterpiece Prime.

That brings us to the Mandalorian Corner! I have nearly all the Vintage Collection Mando releases hung on the wall and the Haslab Razor Crest with some loose figures around it. Below that is just randomness. There’s the boxed Troop Transport, the Commemorative Series Powermaster Optimus Prime (Probably my FAVORITE Transformers item in my collection), and the TIE Striker from Rogue One, which is a pretty underrated Hasbro ship if you ask me! I still haven’t done a review of the Razor Crest and I’m not sure if I ever will. It’s just too difficult to photograph, but maybe someday.

Before moving on to the left, the table in the center of the room has some of the larger Star Wars ships including the BMF Falcon, the Target Exclusive Imperial Shuttle, a Snowspeeder, and I think that’s the Jango Fett Slave-1 from the Clone Wars Ultimate Battle Pack. Under the table are three boxes of loose Black Series and a box of modern 3 3/4-inch Star Wars.

The final case in the room is under a wall of carded Super7 ReAction TMNT and ThunderCats figures. These are the only Turtles in my collection, as I sold off all other TMNT toys a while ago because space was getting tight. I have a rule about re-buying things I sell off, but I still wanted some TMNT represented and the card art on these is so good I couldn’t resist. Below those I have Super7’s ThunderCats Ultimates spread out, along with a vintage Sky Cutter for Jackalman to ride in. The Ultimate Cats are possibly my favorite toy line right now, and after so many false starts from Matty and Ban Dai, having these is like a dream come true. Obviously Wily Kit and Kat are from Matty’s line.

The right case is mostly more ThunderCats. I have some of the figures and the boxed Thunder Tank from Ban Dai’s 2011 line. I absolutely adore the 2011 cartoon reboot. The animation was gorgeous and while it took some bold departures, it still paid respects to the original and I wish it had gone a little longer. I would love to see Super7 do a wave of the 2011 figures, but I doubt that’s in the cards. Also on this shelf are Funko’s Savage World style ThunderCats and some of Ban Dai’s Classic Cat efforts. Eventually this shelf will be rotated out for something else. On the bottom is a complete set of Mezco’s Mega ThunderCats. Well, complete non-exclusive releases at least. And there are some Filmation-carded Flash Gordon figures from NECA because… why not?

The case to the left is a crazy mix of randomness. There’s the re-issue Real Ghostbusters with the Ecto-1. I have Slimer and Mr. Staypuft carded, as well as a set of the guys carded too, but they don’t fit there. Next is Jem and the Holograms. Probably the strangest thing to see in my collection, because… yeah they’re dolls! I happened upon a bunch of these at an Estate Sale and bought everything they had. It took me a while and some research to piece together the original Holograms and Misfits along with Jem and Jem as Jessica Benton. Or should that be the other way around. Most of these are complete, and I still have more stuff to go through. I’m trying to piece together Shana and I may eventually buy Clash and Video. I’ve also had my eye on the Rockin’ Roadster, but that’s a big step! Finally, the bottom shelf has a modern custom of Buck Rogers starfighter (to replace my old Mego one) and some Buck Rogers figures along with a couple boxed NECA Flash Gordon figures.

And that brings us to the end of the room! I’m not sure if I’ll get to everything else in Part 2, but I’ll see how that goes next Friday. There will be a lot of pictures of boxes, but also some goodies that I have displayed here and there! See ya back here on Monday when I will be wrapping up the Armadillo Wave of Marvel Legends!

4 comments on “Toy Tour #1

  1. Very nice! I love looking at other collectors’ displays, I just wish more people share them. Compared to mine, yours is so clean and uncluttered. #jealous

    Also, Jake Cat looks so “at home” on his perch. It’s perfect for him!

    I know we’ve both expressed out disappointments with Marvel Legends lately, but it’s still weird to see ML completely MIA in your display room. Not even a cameo! Are they being displayed in your closets or crawlspace or washrooms perhaps?

    • LOL… Next week you’ll see the whole collection… in boxes! I do have a couple shelves of ML in my Comic Book themed Office. The problem with the line is it’s just so big that it would take an entire wall to display so I kept what I do have on display rather small.

      Truth be told I’d like to have them represented in at least one case in this room, but there was just no space for them.

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