Firefly (Legacy Collection): Kaylee Frye and Jayne Cobb by Funko

Back in June I checked out Captain Mal and Zoe from Funko’s Firefly Legacy Collection and while I wasn’t blown away by them, I found them to be solid enough to keep going. I was planning on waiting to get the last three figures and knock them out in one fell swoop, but I haven’t found Wash yet, so we’ll worry about him another day. Today we’re looking at Kaylee, Firefly’s spunky young mechanic, and Jayne, the resident gun-toting psychopath.


The packaging is uniform to what we saw last time. The figures come in window boxes with a deco that matches the show and side panels that identify the figures inside. I like these a lot and so far I’ve been keeping the boxes to all my Legacy Collection figures. The figures in the wave are numbered, with these two being 2 and 3, although I haven’t been going in any order so it doesn’t really matter. Let’s talk about Kaylee first…



Kaylee is sculpted in her green, sleeveless mechanic’s overalls with her purple floral patterned shirt sleeves showing through. I really like the detail they put into the outfit, both from a sculpt and paint standpoint. There’s scattered bits of Chinese writing and the teddy bear patch on the left leg is actually part of the sculpt, which is great. The paint wash on her overalls is a little heavy handed, as was the case with Mal’s jacket, but in this case it can be passed off as grease, so I’m alright with it.


The portrait is kind of an enigma. There are angles where it looks good, there are angles where it looks not so good. I know, that’s not a ringing endorsement, but I get the feeling Jewel Staite is one of those people with rather distinctive features which defy all but the most talented sculptors. Still, Gentle Giant is still credited on this line and they aren’t exactly amateurs. The look they went with has Kaylee offering a sly smirk and I’d have to say that I could probably identify her even if someone just handed me the head and asked me to guess. Bottom line, I expected this likeness to be a train wreck and what we got is passable under certain circumstances.


Kaylee features a good amount of articulation with rotating hinges in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles. She has ball joints in the hips and double hinged knees. There are swivels in the thighs and lateral rockers in the ankles. There’s no waist swivel, but you do get a ball joint just under her chest and again in the neck. Alas, Funko is still using the super shitty clear plastic for the joints and I did have one stuck knee joint. I have no patience for boiling these things, so I rolled the dice and was ultimately able to coax it into working without snapping anything.



Kaylee comes with one accessory, and that’s a wrench that she can hold in her right hand. Seems like they could have thrown some more in there, but then Jayne makes up for it with some extra bits. And speaking of Jayne…


Now here’s a sculpt that is just spot-on perfect, or at least as close as we’re likely to see in a 6-inch scale mass release figure. Granted, the outfit is simple, with just a green t-shirt and khaki pants, fingerless gloves, combat boots and a gun belt, but everything about it is solid. You even get a functional holster and knife sheath.




The portrait is a dead on likeness for Adam Baldwin. I mean, there’s really nothing else to say, except the paint is nice and clean. This one is a slam dunk.


The articulation, on the other hand, is a little wonky and wanting. The arms feature rotating hinges in the shoulders and wrists, and these really, really weird variations of the same in the elbows. These were on the Mal figure too, but they look a lot stranger on Jayne’s bare arms. The legs feature ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, and swivels in the thighs. The ankles have hinges and lateral rockers. The torso features a ball joint in the torso and another in the neck. This one has a few more stuck joints than Kaylee did. The left thigh swivel won’t budge, nor will the rocker in the left ankle. Guess I’ll be boiling some water after all.



Jayne comes with three accessories and, surprise! They’re all weapons! First, you get a pistol and a combat knife that he can wear on his belt. Both are very nice pieces and while his left hand is clearly sculpted to hold a gun, I appreciate the fact that it will still hold the knife without it falling out.



You also get Vera, Jayne’s favorite gun and Funko definitely invested a lot of work into this piece. The sculpt is wonderfully detailed and you get some pretty solid paintwork for an accessory. The stock even has the individually sculpted and painted bullets on it. I can see why Jayne is so fond of Vera, it’s a great little piece.



While it’s sad to see that Funko is holding on to the use of the clear plastic jointing and Jayne’s elbows are really odd, I’m still going to chalk this pair up as a win for this series. If Mal and Zoe left me a little on the fence, Jayne and Kaylee have elevated the line a little in my eyes. Funko is still making some strange and curious choices in the production of the Legacy Collection, but I’m still overall satisfied with what we’re getting. Indeed, I like Jayne well enough that I may go ahead and pick up the exclusive version with his infamous hat. I’m also still on the lookout for Wash. Are we getting any more of these? Who knows. So far, Funko has dropped the Magic the Gathering Line after just one wave and rumor is Game of Thrones is done too. I’d still very much like to see Reverend Book and the Tams see releases, but I’m not holding my breath.

Firefly (Legacy Collection): Malcolm Reynolds and Zoe Washburne by Funko

Ah, Firefly, what is there to say about it other than it was killed before it’s time. I actually didn’t get to see it until after Fox had already shit-canned it and indeed I’d never even heard about it until a year or so after it was cancelled and I picked up the DVDs because I was bored and the premise sounded interesting. It was love at first sight and if nothing else, I think it was cool that we got a pretty damn fine feature length film out of the deal too. That’s one thing more then most failed TV series get… what’s another thing? Action figures! This actually wasn’t the first stab somebody took at making figures out of this franchise. Even before these and Funko’s ReAction line, Diamond Select did a single wave of some super shitty figures based off of the Serenity movie. There were two versions of Mal, two versions of Jayne, and a Reaver and they were pretty awful. Let’s hope Funko fared better here.


One thing Funko has down pat by now is their 6-inch figure packages. You get a couple of simple window boxes similar to what we’ve seen from Hasbro’s Black Series and even NECA’s Planet of the Apes line. These have a great deco, which is heavily inspired by the series artwork and you get character names and portraits on the spine. [Jayne: “‘pine? Is ‘pine OK?”] Quiet, you! Your figure will get its turn eventually!¬†Anyway, I like everything about the presentation here, maybe even enough to actually keep the packages, as they are collector friendly and they do look shiny all lined up on the shelf. The backdrop behind the tray is even illustrated with a nice big sky. And before you ask, No! I’m keeping it! You can’t have it. You can’t take the sky from me!!! Today I’m starting with just two figures in the series. These are actually #1 and #5, but I thought it appropriate to feature The Heroes of Serenity Valley together. Let’s start with the Captain…



Captain Mal comes in his trademark space-western garb, complete with khaki trousers, high boots, button down shirt, suspenders and his infamous brown coat (please, don’t call it a jacket!). The paint wash on the coat and the shirt is rather heavy handed and the decision to go with a gloss paint for the shirt is a strange one, but overall, I like the work on the outfit. That is not to say, I don’t have a few other gripes.


The coat uses the usual plastic vest with sculpted sleeves and i normally don’t have any issues, but in this case, the coat tends to ride up a bit making it pretty obvious that the sleeves are not part of the coat. It also tends to give Mal a bit of a hunched look. Still, a dealbreaker this is not and overall I think the figure looks fine. The gunbelt features a working holster and I really dig the way the right flap of the coat is sculpted to fall back behind the holster. Nice!


The likeness is not at all a bad one. I think it holds up really well under scrutiny, but looks best when viewed from a bit of a distance. It’s definitely Nathon Fillion and a far sight better than the likenesses we’ve been getting in Hasbro’s 6-inch Black line. It’s pretty clear that Gentle Giant is still at the helm.


The articulation here hits all the right points for a 6-inch retail figure. The arms have rotating hinges in the shoulders and elbows. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, double hinged at the knees, and have swivels in the thighs. The ankles feature both hinges and rockers and there are ball joints in the torso and neck. You’ll note I didn’t mention the wrists, because these are just bizarre. The hands are hinged and placed on these tiny posts, which connect to ball joints inside the sleeve. They¬†look very frail and neither wrist wanted to move at first. I threw caution to the wind and was able to get them started so now they do indeed have swivels and hinges, but man, that was a tense moment. I should also note that while I have no other issues with frozen joints, Funko is still using the clear plastic for the joints that have caused them and DC Collectibles so much trouble.




Mal comes with two guns. you get his trusty pistol and a Winchester-style shotgun. He can hold the pistol in either hand quite well. I wasn’t really able to get him into a convincing firing position with the rifle, aside from doing a little trick with the perspective, but he can still hold it in some decent poses. Moving on to Zoe…



Zoe sports similar khaki pants (minus side striping) and high boots as her Captain. She’s also got the brown vest and green shirt that I remember her wearing for most if not all of the episodes. Little details include the wide bracelet on her right wrist and the thin strip necklace and choker sculpted on. The gunbelt is a separate piece and includes sculpted and painted cartridges and a rather unique fast-draw holster for her shotgun.



As with Mal, I think the likeness to Gina Torres is there. It’s a good portrait with clean paint. The hair is a bit at odds with the neck articulation, but it’s pliable enough and has parts at the shoulders to make it work a little better. The paint is clean, although her right eye is ever so slightly higher than where it was supposed to land. Still, in terms of googly eyed figures, I’ve seen a lot worse than this.


The articulation is quite close to Mal. I’m not sure if Zoe features ankle rockers, but if she does, I can’t get them to work and I’m not going to force the issue. Her wrists aren’t on the same super thin posts, os that’s a plus. Most of the other joints are fine right out of the package, but I have some trouble getting her right elbow to swivel and again, not going to force it.




Also like Mal, Zoe comes with two guns. You get her trademark shotgun and a pistol. The shotgun fits nicely into the loop on the belt holster. Her pistol doesn’t really have anywhere to go when she isn’t holding it, but maybe I’ll lend it to her husband when I get his figure.




I’ve wanted a set of Firefly figures in my collection ever since I saw the show and now it’s finally happening! All in all, these turned out to be very nice figures with just a few bumps along the way. I’d say my biggest criticism is that the little quibbles I have are things that Funko should have probably worked out by now. With a couple waves of Game of Thrones, a wave of Magic the Gathering, and at least one other 6-inch Legacy line out there, it feels like they should be beyond some of these rookie mistakes. That having been said, I’m happy to report no QC issues this time around, so I guess there is some improvement. I didn’t buy these as a complete Wave, but I’m still going to try to get back to the line at some point next week and check out some more figures. This is definitely a line I want to support because I really want to see a second Wave.