Terminator Salvation: Hunter-Killer with T-700 by Playmates

I’m not sure what will hurt the Terminator license more in the long run, the terrible movie that was Salvation or the fact that Playmates won the rights to produce the figures and toys. Either way, since the movie stuck with a lot of the traditional Terminator designs developed in the actually good movies, I was a bit interested in seeing some of these toys. Yeah, I realize these toys have come and gone from the shelves, but thanks to that bargain bin clearance toy graveyard known as Ross, I was able to grab a couple of these for next to nothing.

If you are unfamiliar, the Hunter-Killer, is the VTOL aircraft used by Skynet to hunt down and kill humans. It was shown in flashbacks (or are those flash-forwards?) in Terminator and Terminator 2. The original prototype was also shown in Terminator 3. My first impressions is that this thing is pretty small, not for the 3 3/4″ scale, but for the original price tag. Seriously, Playmates? $24.99 for this thing? It must be pretty awesome when you get it out of the box. Hmm… doesn’t feel heavy enough to have diecast in it. Doesn’t say anything about batteries, so we know there’s no electronics.

See, the problem is that it isn’t pretty awesome. In fact, besides being small, its got a lot of other problems, the biggest of which is that its completely unpainted. Ok, now you can argue with me until the end of time as to whether or not this is how the vehicle was intended to look. I don’t care. The fact is that the package shows a metallic-silver toy. The box holds a vehicle that is simply unpainted brown plastic. I realize the toy clause, “actual product may differ from photos” and I also realize that at least they put it in an open window box, so you know what you’re getting, but this is re-god-damn-diculous. This is a fucking unpainted toy, plain and simple. We pay twenty-five bucks for this thing, and Playmates pockets the money they saved from not painting it? What a bunch of jerks!

Beyond that, the sculpt is actually very good, which is probably why the lack of paint pisses me off so much. There’s tons of detail in the hull plating and in the underlying wires and circuitry. If I ever get the ambition up and decide to spray this thing with a nice silver enamel paint, it will probably look unbelievable. As it is, its like taking a great looking Testers model kit and putting it together without any paint. It looks unfinished.

Besides the fact that at $24.99, Playmates should have been able to paint this toy and still make a huge profit, the Hunter-Killer doesn’t do a whole lot. The VTOL rotors rotate, which is cool. There are two firing missiles, which is ok, I guess. And the landing gear folds up. But apart from that, the only thing it does is have a hatch that opens to store a 3 3/4″ T-700 figure that comes with it. The figure sucks. Its made of bendy plastic, and like the Hunter Killer itself, the figure is completely unpainted and cast in the same brown as the HK. The sad thing is, that this is probably the exact same figure that they slap on a card and sell for $6.99. The fact that the figure goes into the HK makes me wonder whether Playmates knows a good goddamn thing about the franchise at all. The HK was a fucking machine, it didn’t need another machine to fly it. Unless, its just stored in there to deploy, which I think is pretty stupid too.

If you actually bought this thing at a store and at full retail, I really hope you had the backbone to take it back. Or at least put a brick in the box and toss it through a window at the Playmates, Inc. Home Office. [Disclaimer: FigureFan does not condone violence toward any person or corporate entity, any statements made to that effect are made purely for entertainment purposes only. Kids, don’t throw bricks! – DZ.] Its an insult to kids and toy collectors that Playmates can sell a blatantly unfinished toy. And even if it were the right color, the price tag is still way too high. Look at the GI Joe Bravo vehicles. They’re so much better and more substantial than this thing, come with much better figures, and they retail for under $20. Yes, I realize that Hasbro owns that license, but you can’t tell me that Playmates had to pay through the nose for Terminator, because frankly I can’t believe they could afford to.

That’s it. Deep breath and I’m done.

4 comments on “Terminator Salvation: Hunter-Killer with T-700 by Playmates

  1. For a terminator wargame, 25 bucks wasn’t bad. The lack of paint was better than a bad paint job. If it had been priced at 15 bucks, perfect. You could paint it yourself.

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