Wonder Woman: Donna Troy and Circe by DC Direct

And I’m back to wrap up my look at DC Direct’s Wonder Woman figures. If you read the last entry, than you already know how impressed I was with the first two figures in this series. Despite less than stellar levels of articulation Wonder Woman and Agent Diana Prince were both awesome figures. Today let’s find out if the last two ladies in the line, Donna Troy and Circe, hold up. Let’s start out with Donna Troy as Wonder Woman.


Drawing from a story arc where Diana retired and her sis, Donna took over the golden lasso as Wonder Woman we get a really cool new take on the Wonder Woman outfit. Donna is wearing a full set of Amazon armor, which is absolutely striking and still manages to show off some skin. Unlike her sis’ more colorful outfit, Donna’s is gold, brown and silver, with some antiqued coppery pieces thrown in. Her gold plated boots reach up to just below her knees, where she has a pair of sculpted knee plates. Her thighs are bare but she has a sort of skirt made up of soft plastic faux-leather strips similar to what is often depicted on gladiator armor. She has a one-piece very similar in sculpt to her sister’s, but it is most definitely not a reuse of parts as besides the gold and silver paint apps, its got subtle unique differences. She has two silver bracers, two black bands around her bicepts, elbow guards to match her knee guards, and a pair of ornately sculpted pauldrons on her shoulders. She has a molded, soft plastic cape down her back, red on the outside and with a white lining. Also noteworthy, the knee and elbow guards are separate pieces that clip into the hinges of her joints and thus are designed to be removable. She also has a hook to hold her lasso. Suffice it to say, the sculpting on the armor is amazing and the mix of metallic gold and silver against the antiqued pieces really make for a great looking figure.


The head sculpt here is a knock out. Its decidedly different then her sister’s, but still drop dead gorgeous. The immaculate paint apps on her eyebrows, eyes and lips are stunning and her molded black hair is a little shorter than her sisters, allowing for better neck articulation.


And speaking of articulation, Donna has the exact same 11 points as her sister. That’s a rotating neck, ball joints in the shoulders with only limited lateral movement, hinged elbows and knees, legs that move up and down at the pelvis, and swivel cut wrists. Donna benefits from being sculpted with absolutely no preposing, so her points of articulation are far more useful then the two Diana figures, and her cape is small and flexible enough so as not to get in the way.


Donna comes with three accessories: A sword, a gilded cord lasso and the same round stand that came with the two Dianas. Her sword is straight edge broadsword with a sculpted eagle crossguard and a big spherical pommel. It can be held in her right hand hand and her left hand is sculpted into a fist. The lasso is the same that came with Wonder Woman. Donna can also hold her coiled lasso in her useful hand, but there’s nowhere to hang her sword on her person.


Next up is the evil sorceress Circe. This figure is a great contrast to the bright and shiny colors of the previous three figures. She’s dark and nasty looking, but no less beautiful. Circe is wearing a nearly all black outfit that includes boots and leggings, which appear to be one piece, and a bustier with antiqued sculpted breast plates. She’s also got arm-length black gloves and a long flowing purple cape that is molded as if blowing off to her left side. While no doubt darker, Circe’s outfit has some excellent sculpting and even makes use of both matte and shiny black finishes to make her outfit a bit more dynamic. The only thing I don’t like is the blotchy mess on her front. I think its supposed to be an ornamental belt buckle, but it honest to god looks like either someone threw up on her, or she dumped her omelette into her lap while eating breakfast this morning.


Her face sculpt is pretty, but her expression and pupiless eyes clearly show her to be evil. So, I guess that makes her pretty evil… zing! Once again the paint apps to her face are applied with laser like effectiveness. Her long red hair is sculpted blowing to the side in line with her cape, which some people will no doubt take issue of.


Circe has the same articulation as Donna, but in this case, a good deal of it is pretty useless. Her cape interferes with some of her leg articulation, and the fact that is sculped blowing off to the side, it really limits what you can do with her in terms of convincing stances. Her arm articulation, however, is still appreciated and interestingly enough, she does have more lateral movement at the shoulders than all the other figures. Its just the sculpted hair and cape that make this figure seem more like a statue than the other ladies.

Circe comes with the same stand as the other three figures in the series, which really must piss her off, what with having to stand on something that advertises her mortal enemy. She also comes with a little sickle-type knife that fits snugly into her left hand.


And that wraps up the DC Direct Wonder Woman line. At some corners of the net, these figures still go for a pretty penny, but hunt enough, and you can also find them at amazing deals. If you are buying them ala carte, Wonder Woman tends to command the most at around $15-20. The other three can easily be had for under ten. Try to get them in a complete set like I did, and you’ll probably be averaging $10-13 per figure when you factor in shipping. Whichever way you decide to go, you really can’t go wrong with these lovely ladies in plastic.

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