Masters of the Universe Classics, Trap Jaw by Mattel

As a kid, Trap Jaw was always my favorite of Skeletor’s minions. Ok, Evil-Lyn had a special place in my heart too, but that was just because she made me feel funny in my nether regions. Trap Jaw, on the other hand was just cool. I always thought of him as some kind of Space Pirate, don’t ask me why, I think it was the way he talked and because he had an optional hook for a hand. And what kid doesn’t love a space pirate? I also deluded myself into believing that he had the best chance among all of the evil lackies of Snake Mountain of actually defeating He-Man at least once. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been excited about just about every new MOTUC release, but Trap Jaw… oh man, its Trap Jaw!


Those of you who are getting a little weary of Matty’s reuse of parts on these figures, you’ll be happy to see that Trap Jaw is refreshingly new. The only obvious reuse is from He-Man’s pelvis, but even that is mostly covered by a new wide green belt with a sculpted skull and crossbones on it. See… I told you he was a pirate! He’s got new boots and legs, new arms, and naturally a new head… er, make that heads, plural, but we’ll get to that later. I also love the coloring on this figure. He’s mostly blue, green, black and pink, so you know the color on this figure really pops! I also really like the metallic sheen to some of his blues. That’s nice!


Trap Jaw’s head sculpt is just awesome. His green snarling face is hideous, right down to his beady yellow eyes. There’s definitely a lot of the Filmation character in there. He retains the same ring on the top of his head from the vintage figure, which you can pass a string through so he can zipline into action using his head! Another really cool addition is the articulation in his lower mechanical jaw, which lowers to reveal a really nasty mess where his real jaw used to be. My only nitpick about his head is that his jaw piece is a little lighter than his helmet. I would have liked if they matched the colors a little better. Hey, I have to think of at least one critical thing to say.




Besides his… um trapjaw, Trap Jaw’s other big gimmick is his cyborg right arm and interchangeable parts. He can switch out a laser gun, a robotic claw, or a hook, so he always has the right tool for the right job. Each piece just pops off and you can hang his extra parts from hooks on his belt. The laser gun is a little longer than I remember the vintage one being, but I think I actually like it better. The robotic claw is articulated, and the hook is… well, just a hook, but plenty cool nonetheless.


As if all this wasn’t cool enough, Trap Jaw also comes with the extra head and arm to turn him back into his original pre-ghoulish form, Kronos. The replacement right arm is a match for his left arm and when you pop the cyborg arm off, you can remove the armor piece that covers the right side of his torso. Initially, I had very little interest in these parts, but I have to admit they go really well with the figure and they’ve grown on me a lot and the figure looks really cool as Kronos. And even though I know the armor piece is supposed to be part of his cyborg arm, I prefer to leave it on him even when he’s Kronos. I just think it looks better.



And there ya have it. Trap Jaw is another slam dunk for Matty’s MOTUC lineup. As usual, The Four Horseman offered up a fantastic update to a great character. This figure is loads of fun to play around with and looks great standing alongside Skeletor’s cadre of bastards. He’s definitely my favorite release in this line to date, and I have a feeling he will be for quite a while to come.


Yeah, I’m still missing Mer-Man. C’mon, Matty, reissue him already. Why is Stratos getting reissued before Mer-Man for crying out loud?

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