Darkchylde: Ariel Chylde Figure by Moore Action Figures

If you haven’t read any of the Darkchylde comics, you may want to pick one up and have a go. I stumbled upon these a while back when I saw some random panel and the as a Danger Girl fan, the art reminded me a bit of my beloved J. Scott Campbell’s work. Well, apart from both featuring a sexy blonde heroine who are often scantilly clad, the two comic series don’t have much in common, but I still got hooked on Darkchylde and wound up collecting a lot of the books. What I didn’t know was that there were any Darkchylde figures produced. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me since despite being an indie book, Darkchylde sold very, very well and a fair share of merchandising followed in its wake. I found one of these figures in a random lot of comic figures on Ebay and picked up the bunch just to get at this particular figure of witchy-woman, Ariel Chylde.

I’m not going to get into the whole figure vs statue thing with this piece. In spirit, Arial is more a statue than a figure. She has a diorama base and not a lot of useful articulation. On the other hand, she does have the same five points of articulation that any vintage Star Wars figure had (plus two more in her demon form) so technically she’s a figure. Whatever the case, Ariel is mainly designed to sit on your shelf and look pretty, and so long as that’s all you’re looking for you shouldn’t be disappointed. She’s produced by by Moore Action Figures. Are they even still around? I don’t recall to have seen anything from them in recent years. They did have a penchion for making figures based off comics and TV series with sexy female stars, including, Witchblade, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Heavy Metal and Vampirella, to name a few, so Darkchylde was the perfect fit for them.



The cool thing about Ariel is that she comes with all the parts to display her in either her purely human form or in her half-demon conversion. The demon parts include arms (which I have inconveniently misplaced since I opened her) that have hinged elbows, and a pair of magnificent looking wings. The arms can just be popped off and interchanged and the wings peg into slots on her back.


The sculpting on this figure is simply outstanding, especially considering her scale. She’s only about 7″ tall without the wings, but she’s got a sculpt good enough to compete with larger statues. They did a great job with her muscle tone and the tiny details on her denim shorts and bikini top are amazing. They’ve even sculpted a toe ring onto her left foot! But what’s really great about the sculpt is the likeness. Its not always easy taking 2D character designs into a 3D model, but these guys really nailed the character’s face quite nicely.


The paint apps vary a bit on my figure. The details on her shoes, shorts and bikini top are all excellent as are the paint apps on her face. There’s some slop on her hair, but fortunately its in pretty inconspicous spots. The coloring on her wings is extraordinary and they’ve even painted in her anklet tattoo. The only thing I would really change on this figure is to have given her skin a less glossy finish.


I already touched on her articulation a bit. Her head technically has a swivel joint, but her hair restricts it from moving. Both sets of arms rotate at the shoulders. Her human arms have no other articulation, but her demon arms have hinged elbows. Her legs both have swivel cuts all the way up at the hips, but unless you want to sit her down in an awkward and unnatural looking way, these joints don’t do the figure a lot of good.


Besides her demon parts, Ariel comes with the aforementioned base. Its also very nicely sculpted with details of the forest floor, including a tree stump, some tiny mushrooms and a suspicious ribcage.



That’s pretty much all I have to say about Ariel here. I was really glad to find her and add her to my collection. If you’re interested in obtaining one, she shouldn’t set you back too much. $15 seems to be the average going price, although I got her in a lot of four other figures for $15 shipped, so there are definitely deals to be had. I have a special place for her on my shelf right beside my three Danger Girl figures by McFarlane. She is actually available as a harder to find variant with demon colored skin and I like this figure enough that I may try to hunt that one down later on.



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