WildC.A.T.S.: Majestic and Helspont by Playmates

A couple of days ago I kicked off my look at Playmates’ WildC.A.T.S. figures with the three ladies of the line. Today I’m going to take a look at the head honchos of the Kherubim and Daemonite factions: Majestic and Helspont. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m generally more knowledgeable about the short lived cartoon series than the original comics, and there’s quite a chasm of variations between the characters and storylines, partly because the comics were far too mature to be transcribed directly into a kids cartoon show, and partly to better fit the weekly format. The figures are based on the cartoon, so that’s the continuity that I’m sticking with here. In the cartoon, Helspont was the leader of the Daemonites. Basically he was the Magneto or Skeletor or Megatron of the series, and as with most of these beings, not the kind of boss you’d probably want to work for. Majestic, on the other hand went from overall good guy to rotten bastard, which was probably one of the more mature plot elements in the cartoon. Spartan was serving as leader, but when the Kherubim found Majestic in a downed escape pod, they were looking forward to have him take the reins from Spartan and lead them to victory. As it turned out, he was a batshit insane meglomaniac who was willing to tear the Earth apart just to defeat the Daemonites. What a douche! Let’s start with him…



As a figure, Majestic definitely has the whole super hero look going on and he wears it well. His cape is absolutely huge, molded in rubbery plastic and is blowing off to his right so that it reaches out about twice the length of his extended arm. One might even say it’s… majestic! The cape looks absolutely amazing on display but it pretty much torpedoes the figure’s play value. Majestic’s outfit is two-tone maroon and white with some black accents. The figure has a nice amount of sculpted detail, mostly in his muscles and shoulder armor. The head sculpt is excellent with clean paint apps.


My Majestic came with two accessories: A figure stand and an interchangeable right arm. One arm is extended outward, as if pointing his Kherubim team to battle, while the other is bent at the elbow and balled up into a fist. The extended one looks nice in relation to his flowing cape, but either one is good for display.


Majestic has seven points of articulation. His head rotates, both his arms rotate at the shoulders and his legs rotate at the hips, and he can swivel at the waist. His right arm also has a swivel in the bicep, but this is because he has an interchangeable arm. The leg articulation isn’t very useful, since you couldn’t have him sit down with that massive cape. The arm and heads allow for some poseability as does the interchangeable arm, but for the most part Majestic might as well be a statue, albeit a nice looking one.


If you know what Helspont looked like in the cartoon, you can imagine he wasn’t an easy figure to execute. His cartoon counterpart’s head is basically a black skull mask enveloped in blue flame. You might say he has a bit of a Ghost Rider vibe going on. Playmates did a really nice job translating that to plastic. He’s got a blue head with the black mask as a separate attached piece. The flame effect comes form a translucent sculpted blue flame coming off the back of the head.


Most of the detail on Helspont’s body is in the chest and upper arms, which is gold, features a crystal in the center of his chest and tubes coming out of the front, running over his shoulders and into his back. The gold armor is segmented and he’s got all sorts of tubing exposed in his lower abdomin. The rest of his body is more or less featureless black with blue boots. Like Majestic, Helspont has a flowing molded plastic cape, but its not nearly as intrusive as Majestic’s. It just tends to snake down his back. Helspont has the basically the same articulation as Majestic, he’s just missing the swivel cut in the right arm.


Helspont comes with two accessories: A figure stand and a flaming blue orb, which he is presumeably supposed to hold in his left hand. Short of gluing it in there, though, I haven’t been able to get him to hold it for more than a few seconds. I don’t want to say how many times I had to shoot the above picture until I finally got one before it tumbled out of his hand and onto the floor. Helspont’s fingers are grasping too tight to get it in there. He may have come with something else, but I got these figures as a lot with all the accessories tossed in together, and I haven’t been able to pair him with anything else.

Both of these guys are awesome looking figures. Playmates really did the character designs proud and the coloring is excellent, especially on Helspont. They’re definitely more collector friendly than kid friendly, though, so if you’re really particular about being able to pose your figures, these will likely leave you cold.

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