Resistance: Steelhead and Chimera Advanced Hybrid by DC Unlimited

I used to be a real video game junkie. These days, I still play them, but in far more moderated quantities. I didn’t pick up a PS3 until earlier this year, and that was primarily for its Blu Ray capabilities. I did, however, buy two games with it that I was dying to play, Uncharted and Resistance: Fall of Man. I wouldn’t call Resistance a “must play” experience (although Uncharted sure is!), but as far as first person shooters go, it was a really solid effort and I had fun playing it. I really dig the enemy designs used in the game, so when word was out that the franchise was getting some figures, I was certainly interested.

I started my collection with two of the Chimera forces: Steelhead and the Chimera Advanced Hybrid. The sculpts on these figures are just plain outrageous.

I really dig the packaging on these figures. They come in compact little clamshells with artwork insert all around. Its a sealed clamshell, so it isn’t at all collector friendly, but the insert is designed so that it can double as a backdrop if you can get it out without shredding it. It also opens up to show off some of the Ratchet & Clank figures. The back has a blurb about the game, Resistance 2 actually, and photos of the four figures in this first series.

The Steelhead is my favorite of the two, mainly because of his cybernetic implants. I love the detail work on his backpack and especially the tubes feeding out of it into the front of his harnass. They’re red rubber and very flexible, so no worries of stress or breakage. He’s got goggles for his multiple eyes and, naturally the steel plate running up the center of his head like a short mohawk. Every bit of his skin is textured as are his pants. He’s got armor plates and buckles and straps all over too. Like the sculpt, Steelhead’s paint apps are wonderfully executed. There are several different apps to his skin, like the red wash around his cracked shoulders and upper arms and his cybernetic parts are a realistic mix of silver, gray and black. There’s bright yellow accents on his goggles and some of the indicators on his backpack’s instruments. Beautiful!

Steelhead comes with an assault rifle, which is also very nicely sculpted. His hands are flexible enough to grip it, and firm enough so that once he’s got it in his mitts, he isn’t going to drop it. He also comes with a black disc figure stand, pegged for one of his feet and with “Resistance” printed on it. Its a nice bonus, but this figure is so solid, he can stand fine on his own in a number of great poses.

Next up is the Advanced Hybrid, and while Steelhead is my favorite, this guy is no slouch either. He has a lot more detail in his head sculpt, since he isn’t wearing the goggles. He’s every bit as fugly as he should be and DC did a remarkable job sculpting out the details in his jaw muscles and his formidable teeth and multiple eyes. Like Steelhead, every inch of his skin is covered with texturing or details in his muscles. His armor is all sculpted on, but its executed well enough so that it looks like its removable, especially the shoulder and leg plating. All the good stuff about Steelhead’s paint apps apply to this fellow as well, but they really went all out on his head, particularly the crimson hue around his beady little yellow eyes… all six of them!

Like Steelhead, the Advanced Hybrid comes with a figure stand and a weapon. His gun is smaller, like an assault carbine, but no less detailed.

With sculpts and paint this good, I was afraid these guys would be glorified statues, but their articulation is actually very good. They have balljointed heads, their arms have balljointed shoulders, hinged elbows and swivels in the biceps and wrists. Their legs rotate at the hips and they have hinged knees and balljointed ankles. Not bad at all.

I just can’t say enough great things about these figures. The sculpts and paint apps are outstanding and the articulation is solid. They run $13.99 a piece, which is right on par with most of the video game related figures on the pegs these days. I actually think they’re a pretty good value, considering that they have something of a niche audience. I think the best thing I can say about them, though, is that even if I had never played the games, I probably still would have grabbed them up. They are just that good.

They are smaller than a lot of the video game figures on the pegs, though, aiming more for the 5″ scale, but I’m perfectly happy with that since it puts them right into the same scale as my Doctor Who figures. I certainly hope we see more of these figures beyond this series, particularly some of the allied fighters from the first game in their WWII style fatigues.

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  1. I used to be a massive PC gamer, but as my PC got a bit longer in the tooth, and I didn’t have money for upgrades, I fell out of the loop for a while. When my wife bought us a PS-3, I did quite a bit of catching up. I picked up the entire Resistance trilogy in a special edition set and, although they were a little dated, the games were a ton of fun. I managed to get a complete set of these figures as well, and they’re still amongst my favourites.

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