Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmellow Man Bank by Diamond Select

This thing has been out there for quite a long time now, and I’ve had it in my basket at various e-tailers more than a few times, only to wind up cutting it in favor of something else. But as my collection of Mattel’s Ghostbusters figures has grown, my desire to own Mr. Stay Puft in plastic form has become more and more pressing. Today when I saw him on the shelf at TRU, I decided this was the day to get him.

I’m really not a fan of this type of packaging. Staypuft comes in a cardboard tray and twisty tied to the back in a rather flimsy manner. It looks ok from a presentation standpoint, and you certainly get the complete idea of what you’re getting, but the obvious drawback is that the toy is exposed to the elements. Granted, he’s just a big hunk of plastic, so there’s really nothing on him that can break, but out of the seven that were on the shelf, only two were without some kind of serious scratching or rubbing. One of them looked like a herd of cats had played with it. Sure, I was able to get a good one, but it makes me really happy that I didn’t order him online and have to get one sight unseen. The back panel shows off Diamond’s other Ghostbuster’s toys, nearly all of which are the Minimates, which I have zero interest in. The Slimer bank looks nice, but ultimately, the only reason I bought Stay Puft was to go with my figures, so Slimer is a pretty easy pass.

As the package says, Stay Puft is a bank. Ok, actually, you practically have to get him off the package to see the word bank hiding behind his head, so you might miss his actual raison d’etre. While I have no interest in keeping coins in him, his true purpose is still significant, as it points out that this guy is not a figure, but rather a hollow statue. His articulation is limited only to his head, which is designed to twist off so you can get to the money you put in. I suppose you can also fill it with Fluffernutter. His arms are fitted so they could technically swivel, but mine don’t want to and I don’t want to force it.

The sculpt here is obviously simple. After all, it is based off a cartoon style marshmellow man, so you can’t expect a whole lot of detail. They really nailed his appearance, but I doubt it was much of a challenge for Diamond’s sculpting wizards. My only complaint about the sculpt is they didn’t make any attempt to hide the coin slot, which is right on the back of his neck tie. I can’t really hold that against Mr. Puft, since he is a self proclaimed bank, and at least its on his back and not on the top of his head or anything.

I paid $20 for Stay Puft, which I guess isn’t too bad. He is pretty big and pretty nice for what he is. Considering the much smaller Ghostbusters figures from Mattel are sold at the same price point, I can’t complain too much. Ultimately, he definitely serves the purpose I bought him for as he displays real nice with the other figures. Sure, he’s not in scale with the Mattel figures, but he’s sizeable enough to make for a good stand in. Even if Mattel does ultimately release a Stay Puft, I doubt it would be much bigger than this guy.

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