Doctor Who: Amy Pond by Character Options

Ah, Amy Pond. While I’m not all that fond of the way many of the stories fall back on using her to solve a lot of The Doctor’s dilemmas, its so hard to dislike her. She’s brave, spunky, adorable and sexy and there’s an undeniable chemistry between actress Karen Gillan and Matt Smith that I truly think surpasses the relationship that Billie Piper had with David Tennant. Feel free to throw cans at me, but that’s just the way I see it. So, obviously, I was anxious to add an Amy Pond figure to my collection. Afterall, here Series 5 is already over and my 11th Doctor still stood companionless on the shelf.

The packaging here is identical to what we saw with the Dalek Ironside. The blue background and new logo match the Series 5 credits nicely and the regular card and bubble has replaced the clamshell used for the last few assortments of figures. I really like this new design, although the front insert does conceal a fair amount of the figure’s lower half, and covering up Amy’s legs is just a crime. The back panel shows the selection of figures that comprise this first Series 5 assortment.

I’ll admit, i was pretty apprehensive about how Character Options was going to do with Amy’s likeness. Granted, more often then not their sculpts are right on the money and both Rose (their second attempt at Rose to be specific) and Martha turned out fine, although I was never entirely happy with Donna’s figure. As it turns out, Amy is another win. I will say they didn’t quite get her eyes right. Considering Amy’s “go to” look in almost every scene is a wide-eyed expression of amazement, this sculpt’s eyes are too narrow. Interestingly enough, this significant departure doesn’t really spoil the likeness, as it still looks like who its supposed to be.

CO had a few outfit choices to go with. I wouldn’t have minded getting Amy in her jim jams, but this outfit will do just nicely. She’s wearing a short leather jacket, a red pullover and a fairly short skirt and cowboy boots. This Amy ensemble first materialized in Victory of the Daleks and it certainly gets the job done. There’s also some really nice little attention to detail, like her thin gold choker necklace and the scrollwork sculpted into her boots. Her hair is also exceptionally well sculpted and despite the fact that it hangs loose around her shoulders, it is cast in soft enough plastic to not hinder her head movement all that much.

Amy features standard articulation for this line. Her head turns, her arms rotate at the shoulders, have hinged elbows, and feature swivel cuts in the biceps and just below the elbows. Her legs have universal joints at the hips, hinges at the knees, and swivel cuts in the thighs, which are concealed under her skirt. She also swivels at the waist.

About the only downside to Miss Amy Pond here is the cost and availability. Like all the figures in this wave, her initial offering was pretty high at most e-tailers. I paid $20 for her, which was doubly painful considering she was released the exact same week that I was forking over money for several SDCC exclusives. Unlike other figures in this wave, Amy actually sold out at that price at most places around the web. Hopefully CO will produce more or include her in a future wave, because with the exception of maybe River Song, none of the Doctor’s previous companions have been all that difficult, or expensive, to get. My advice is if you find her, buy her. She’s a great figure and obviously a key character that no Doctor Who collection should be without.

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