MOTU Classics: Orko and Prince Adam by Mattel

It was with heavy heart that I ultimately decided not to subscribe to Matty’s Club Eternia for next year. Well, not really a heavy heart. For a while now, I’ve suspected the line would not have enough core characters left to make me want all the figures next year, and from early indicators (ie. 2011’s first figure being Bow from She-Ra… wow, really Matty? Really??) it looks like I was right. Granted, I am not the diehard Masters of the Universe fan that a lot of these figures are aimed at and I don’t have a pressing need to own every figure that comes out. As such, Orko and Prince Adam were among two of the last “must have” figures for me. There are still a few that I missed that I would like to own, and I’m still waiting for The Sorceress, but from here on in, I’ll be cherry picking the line carefully. Even if I wind up paying a little more for individual figures on Ebay, it’ll be less bother than having to sell off all the ones I don’t want.

Before getting into these figures, I should say that I have no idea if this set is still considered to be an SDCC exclusive or not. I know the shitty looking color change Orko was the one that was *only* available for sale at the show. This regular flavor Orko went up for sale on the Matty Collector site afterwards and quickly sold out. Is it still considered a Con exclusive? I have no idea. Probably not. There’s nothing on the package that says so.

Speaking of the package, I really hate the direction Matty went with on this set. Oh, the card and bubble and all that jazz are fine as they’re the same classic inspired deco used on the rest of the line and it still looks awesome. It also still comes in the traditional white mailer box. What I hate is the way Matty tried to be cute and put Adam on the bottom as an accessory and have tiny Orko hovering like a dot amidst all the waisted space. If I were a mint-on-card collector, this would have infuriated me to no end. Fortunately, I just tear it open to get at the goods inside. Either way, I think the presentation would have been better served with Orko mounted hovering next to Adam. Not as clever, but it would have looked a lot less ridiculous.

Let’s start with Orko, since its his name on the card. There were a lot of directions Matty could have gone in making this figure, but in the end I think they really nailed it. He’s perfectly in scale with the other figures, and the addition of the clear stand to give him a hovering effect is just what I was hoping they would do. The sculpt is spot on, with a striking resemblance to the Filmation character design. The blue skin tone on his hands and ears is perfect, the eyes and scarf look great. The only nitpick I can come up with is that there are quite a few shades of variation between the red used on his hat and his cloak. No big deal, though.

Orko has a decent amount of articulation for what he is. He has ball joints in his shoulders and elbows, his hands have swivel cuts, and I suppose you can count the ball and socket to his stand as a joint as it allows you to tweak the position he’s hovering in. Oh yeah, even his, erm… head is balljointed giving him more movement there than I would have expected.

Orko comes with two accessories: A wand and a spell book. His right hand is sculpted to hold the wand. As for the book, I can just about get him to hold it in both hands, but not easily. The wand is a wink back to the 200x Orko figure. I suppose you can count his stand as an accessory too.

Prince Adam is also a very nice figure. Once again, I think Matty hit all the right points on his design. They kept the controversial purple tights and purple furry diaper. His white shirt is painted on, which does look a little cheap around his neckline, but not too bad. His bracers are smaller than the ones on the He-Man figure, and they are painted silver. Matty went with a soft plastic tunic, similar to the type used on Teela and it works very well. I’m very glad they didn’t opt for using soft goods here. I would, however have liked a loop on the back of the tunic to hold his sword.

Adam comes with two interchangeable heads. One is pretty much the same as the one used for previous He-Man releases, the other is a resculpt that has him grinning. I like the sculpt on the grinning head as being more appropriate to the figure, but the skin tone is waxy and it looks like Adam is sweating profusely. The other head is fine, but I don’t think Adam should look that pissed off. I’ll have to decide between the lesser of two evils when displaying him. He also comes with one and a half power swords.

Adam’s articulation is typical for the line. He has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders and hips. His elbows, knees and ankles are all hinged. He has swivel cuts in his biceps, wrists and waist. He has the torso hinge, but the tunic prevents it form being much use. Unfortunately, the joints on my Adam are mighty loose right out of the package. Especially his ankles. I can tell right away he is going to be a shelf diver.

As mentioned at the beginning, this set sold out crazy fast when it went on sale at Matty Collector on the 2nd. That was, of course, to be expected, since even the regular figures sell out like mad. I was lucky enough to get in on a pre-order at another site (which also sold out shortly after) offering the set for $45. Honestly, I expected to get beaten up a lot worse on the price. Considering there are technically two figures here and how important the characters are, I don’t think I did too badly. Although in hindsight I would have done better on Ebay where he has been frequently selling for around $25-35. Live and learn. I’m just happy to have it, as these are both fantastic figures.


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