Transformers Generations: Autobot Drift by Hasbro

Drift was a strange choice for the Generations line. With so many classic and popular Autobots and Decepticons awaiting their chance at an updated form, it just seems odd to be introducing a brand new character to what is essentially a line of updated classic figures. In fact, the only other Transformers figure to bear the name was a Minicon. Does that make Drift any less welcome? Nope. Mainly because he happens to be one of the coolest designed Autobots I’ve seen in a while.

Drift comes mounted on the new Generations style card in his vehicle mode. The artwork is nice and there’s a cool bio blurb on the back about how he used to fight for the Decepticons. Good thing I open these things, because I ordered my Drift figure from Walmart online. The .97 cent shipping is a great deal, but the cards get totally mangled in the paper shipper envelopes they use.

Drift’s car form is a somewhat generic, but overall nice looking sports car. I like the clear windows, the spoiler and profile are also nice. On the downside Drift’s colors are a pretty blah. He’s mostly white with some red splashes on his sides and red stripes on his hood. He’s also got Asian-style emblems emblazoned on his doors, which I’m not crazy about. This guy could have at least used a little more silver to liven things up. I have to imagine that Hasbro has a repaint of this figure in mind and I’ll be looking forward to it, because a figure this well designed really needed a more interesting paint job.

In robot mode, Drift is just plain cool, thanks to a fairly unique style of transformation and some really neat features. The way his legs fold out of the rear of the car is nothing new, but I absolutely love the way the front quarter panels become his shoulders, along with some snazzy double-hinged plate action. Not only does it look great, but it adds to the arm articulation quite a bit. The way the windshield becomes his chest is also a bit different to what we’ve seen before and it looks nice. Drift also has a great, classic looking head sculpt. His mostly white paint scheme as a car gives way to more of a two tone in his robot form, which I’ll confess looks quite good.

Now, I’ll admit I’m not all that big a fan of swords and knives with my Transformers. But even I cannot deny that the real cool thing about Drift is the way his doors become scabbards with removable tanto knives. I absolutely love the way this feature was designed. Very clever. Drift also comes with a huge two handed sword that stores on his back while he’s in robot form or underneith his auto form. Awesome! Every last detail of this figure’s sculpt and transformation were amazingly well conceived.

Based on the initial news, I wasn’t all that happy that Drift was going to be taking up a precious slot in the Generations line up, but now that I have him in hand, I’ll admit he’s a fantastic figure and well worthy of a seat amongst the other Classics style Autobots. I’ll still be looking out for that repaint, though, and right now I’m thinking that in a repainted form, he’d make a mighty fine Decepticon.

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