Nightmare on Elm Street: 3 3/4″ Freddy Krueger by Mezco

Ok, I’m already over Halloween. Why? Because I have to spend Halloween night setting up Christmas displays. So, kiddies, just one more horror-themed entry before I’m ready to move on to next week’s agenda. Today we’re looking at one of Mezco’s short-lived Cinema of Fear series of 3 3/4″ slasher movie icons. Mezco turned out three different figures in this series: Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and our good friend, Freddy, which we’re looking at today. I’ll be perfectly honest, the biggest draw for me was to actually get a Freddy figure in this scale. Maybe I envisioned a time when GI JOE would finally defeat Cobra and have to take on The Bastard Son of A Thousand Maniacs. Maybe not. But we’ve never had him in this scale before, so it’s certainly a curiosity.

The packaging here is as no frills as you can get. Freddy comes mounted on a simple bubble with a tiny generic card suitable for little more than hanging it from a peg. There’s a blood splattered sticker on the bubble to specify the figure included. The back panel shows photos of the three figures. Mezco obviously wasn’t concerned about presentation on this one. It’s serviceable at best.

The sculpting here is a bit odd. It’s not quite realistic and not quite a caricature. Let’s just call him stylized. His feet seem kind of big and his legs are a disproportionately short for his torso and arms, and he’s in a permanently hunched over position. Other then that, his body type is pretty good, as he’s appropriately lean and his trademark glove is spot-on awesome. The head sculpt is ok, but definitely a bit on the goofy side. It also obviously scared the shit out of my camera, because I could not bring it into focus to save my life. It’s certainly not Robert Englund in makeup, but it’s still pretty obvious as to who it’s supposed to be. Freddy has bulging eyes and a demented looking grimace and his hat is also removable.

The paint job is passable, although the arms of Freddy’s sweater aren’t striped, which seemed like a pretty big oversite to me. His trousers have some added brushwork on them to make them look dirty.

Besides his hat, Freddy comes with a nice bloody figure stand and a… garbage can lid? It’s admittedly been a while since I’ve seen the original Elm Street films, but back in the day I watched them like a junkie, and I still can’t figure out why they would give him a garbage can lid as an accessory. He can’t really hold it either. Odd.

Freddy has pretty good articulation for a figure in this scale. He has balljoints in his neck, shoulders and hips. He’s got hinged knees and elbows, a hinge in his left wrist and a swivel in his glove hand, which can also easily popped off. It’s not up to snuff with Hasbro’s modern figures in this scale, but it’s not too shabby either and you can certainly get Freddy into some nice poses.

I’ve wanted this figure for ages, but he was impossible to find in my area, and I didn’t find a good deal on him on the Interweb until last week and even then he set me back about $12.99, which is no doubt a premium for a figure in this scale. I was actually fairly disappointed upon first opening him, mainly because of the stylized nature of the sculpt, but he has since grown on me quite a bit. Still, I guess you have to be a pretty big Elm Street fan to justify buying this little guy.

2 comments on “Nightmare on Elm Street: 3 3/4″ Freddy Krueger by Mezco

  1. wow this brings back memories… I wonder what happened to mine? I had all 3 and the Mothman and the Jersey Devil action figures in the same bag…I need to unpack my stuff tonight and look for these…

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