Marvel Universe: Ms. Marvel by Hasbro

I really wanted to get the classic version of Ms. Marvel, but so far, she’s slipped my grasp and so I had to settle for this more contemporary version, at least for the time being. I’ve never considered her one of my A-lister characters in the Marvel Universe, [does anyone? -FF] but then I’ll take any chance to up my ranks of female superheroes in plastic form. Unfortunately, as it turns out I have more than a few issues with this figure, some of which are in the design, some are quailty control, and I guess some are just a matter of personal taste.

Overall, I think the sculpt is fine. This figure captures Ms. Marvel’s contemporary character design very well and she comes off as a pretty sexy for a smaller scale figure. Granted, there isn’t a lot of sculpted detail to the body to set her apart, but I like the fact that the belt is a separate piece and just dangles around her waist like Toybiz’s old Rogue figure. The head sculpt is fine, but I’m not crazy about the windblown hair. It doesn’t really inhibit her neck articulation, but I would have liked something a little more passive.

The paint apps on this figure are not up to the usual standards for the line, which is problematic, because this figure relies more on paint than any sculpted details. Particularly offensive is all the slop around the lines between her boots and thighs, as well as some flesh tone splatter around her black boots. The figure looks like it’s a hand painted custom, and not a very good one at that. It’s a shame because the paint apps on her face are actually quite good.

Ms. Marvel’s articulation is good, but Hasbro tuned it down a couple of notches from what we’re used to seeing from the males in this line, and that’s pretty frustrating. You get a ball jointed neck, the arms have ball joints in the shoulders, hinged elbows and swivel wrists. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, have double hinged knees and hinges and swivels in the ankles. The torso swivels and has a banded joint. Most conspicuous is the absense of any kind of swivel joints in her biceps.

The figure comes with two accessories, both are clear yellow plastic energy bursts that fit onto her hands. They don’t do a lot for me, but at least you have the option to toss them aside with no harm to the figure. She also comes with the standard Top Secret envelope of papers and… yeah, no figure stand.

If I was a huge fan of the character, this figure woudn’t have satisfied me at all. As it stands, I only have a passing familiarity with her, so I’m only mildly purturbed that the figure didn’t turn out better. Don’t get me wrong, she’s got a lot of good points, and by no means is she a total bust, but a little extra care could have made her a lot better and the quality comes up short when compared with other figures in the MU lineup.

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