Marvel Universe: AIM Soldier by Hasbro

I know. With dozens of excellent Marvel Universe figures to choose from, why am I wasting a slot on mister canary pants, here? Well, truth be told, the MU themed week is going to have to outlive its originally intended week-long run, if I’m ever going to get to all the figures I want to look at, so don’t worry, he’s not taking anything away from any of the other figures. Besides, the Galactic Empire had its Stormtroopers, Cobra has its Vipers, and Marvel has its AIM soldiers. Although the Empire would take on any old Clone and I doubt Cobra’s hiring standards were all that rigid, but you had to be a PhD or at least have a Masters Degree to don the yellow jumpsuit of AIM and get a crack at taking down one of Marvel’s superheroes.

Same old packaging. The artwork here isn’t all that exciting, but the bubble shows off the figure and his weapons pretty well.

The sculpt is certainly faithful to the character design, but there just isn’t a lot to it. The most trademark aspect of the figure is his big helmeted flattop head, which, along with his screened visor makes him look like a beekeeper gone postal. What detail is here is mostly just wrinkles in his uniform. He has a black bandolier strap, which is a separate piece, complete with sculpted ammo pouches and a couple of canister grenades. The only other detail worth mentioning is the sculpted belt.

There aren’t a lot of paint apps here either. The figure is molded almost entirely in matte yellow. His boots and collar are black and he’s got a gold belt with grey panels and his screen visor is painted grey too. Some shading or wash would have helped make this guy a little more exciting.

The Soldier comes with a figure stand, profile card and the usual Top Secret document. He also has two weapons, a large bazooka-looking weapon and a pistol. Both pieces are molded in black plastic.

The AIM Soldier’s articulation is great, with a total of 20 points. He has a ball jointed neck. His arms have ball jointed shoulders, swivels in his biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows. His legs have ball jointed hips, swivels in the thighs, double hinged knees and his ankles are hinged and swivel. He also has a ball joint in his torso.

So yeah, in a Universe of amazing characters, the AIM Soldier here isn’t the most exciting guy around. I probably wouldn’t have picked him up if I hadn’t spent so much time beating the hell out of hundreds of these guys playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on my Xbox. Say what you will, he fits the original design perfectly and is a good potential army builder if you want some thugs to battle against your heroes.


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