Marvel Universe: Winter Soldier by Hasbro

I’ve been looking forward to getting this figure, because I’m a pretty big fan of Winter Soldiers’ backstory. For whatever reason I’ve always enjoyed seeing elements of The Cold War bleed into my comic book storylines. I also love the way twisted circumstances basically turned Bucky into Cap’s polar opposite. Anyway, with Winter Soldier’s specialty in weapons and his bionic arm, he’s a perfect recipe for a great action figure. Obviously, Hasbro recognized this too and they definitely delivered on the goods with this figure.

The artwork on the card is pretty good. He looks pissed off, but you would be too if you had been frozen, brainwashed and used as a tool by the filthy Commies. He’s also brandishing both of the weapons included with the figure, which is a cool touch. The bubble displays the figure and his weapons nicely.

Winter Soldier’s body sculpt consists of a fairly non-descript, dark blue jumpsuit with high collar and a tiny zipper sculpted into the front of the chest. He’s also got a thins trap running across his torso and a shoulder strap where his bionic arm is. The bionic arm is sculpted into segments, has a soft plastic cable running the length of it and a nice Red Star sculpted into the shoulder. I really like what Hasbro did with the head sculpt, with the hair molded as a separate piece. Winter Soldier has a cool gunbelt, holster and thigh strap, all made from one piece of soft plastic.

There isn’t a whole lot of paintwork on this figure, but what’s here is really good. The tarnished metal finish on the bionic arm looks really nice and the paintwork around his mask is executed with precision. I think the thing I find most impressive is the intricate little bit of paintwork applied to the zipper on his shirt.

Winter Soldier comes with a figure stand, profile card, Top Secret document and two weapons, a pistol and an assault rifle with an under-the-barrel grenade launcher. Both weapons are cast entirely in black, are nicely sculpted and basically look like what you might get with a modern GI JOE figure. He can hold both weapons really well, and the pistol fits into his hip holster.

The articulation on this figure comes up a little short compared to sum, but with 18 points, it’s still pretty good. You get a ball jointed neck. The arms have ball joints in the shoulders, swivels in the wrists and biceps and hinged elbows. The legs have ball joints in the hips, double hinged knees and hinges and swivels in the ankles. He also has a ball joint in the torso. He’s missing the waist swivel that most of the male figures have and I would have liked a couple of swivels in the thighs. Still, his articulation is none too shabby.

I don’t know what the general popularity of Winter Soldier is, but if you’re a fan like me, I think you’ll really dig this figure. But even if you aren’t a fan, I think this guy would be a nice pick-up for GI JOE collectors. Either as a potential custom or just as he is, he would fit in pretty well with that whole universe.

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