Transformers Power Core Combiners: Double Clutch with Rallybots by Hasbro

I’m really busting chops to get in a couple extra reviews this weekend before I start on my week long DC Universe extravaganza tomorrow. Looks like I have time to slip in one more… how about some Transformers loving? So far my experience with the Power Core Combiners has been pretty good. I liked all the single carded Commander figures from Wave 1, and I really liked Bombshock and the Combaticons. The Skyburst and the Aerialbots were really the only ones I was lukewarm on… until now. Folks, I was really, really excited about getting this Rallybots set. Based on early pics, I thought the drones looked pretty good and the whole thing just gave me warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings that harkened back to the Go-Bot combiner, Puzzler. Well, I finally picked up this set and, well, it sucks. Or, to be fair, Double Clutch sucks. It’s been a long time since I’ve really given a Transformers figure a pasting, so here we go.

The package is the exact same type of window box used for the two Wave 1 Power Core Combiner sets. It shows off all four drones and, I’ll give credit where credit is due, Hasbro had the balls to show you Double Clutches crappy robot mode. I know. Why the hell did you buy it if you hated his robot mode? I guess I thought I would warm up to him once I had the figure in hand. But then I also thought his combiner form had potential. But we’ll get to that later on. The cardboard tray insert has a cool circuitry pattern drawn on it. Was that on the other sets? Did I just miss it? I’m too lazy to go back and look at my own reviews, so let me just say I like it and move on.

Despite the fact that he’s packaged in bot form, I’m going to start out with Double Clutch’s vehicle mode, so I can open with some nice things to say. His car mode is pretty good. The paint job is kind of boring, and the flames are too similar to the overall blue body to really pop like they should. Apart from that he’s a nice looking car and rolls along fine. But, hey, where’s his Autobot insignia? I really, really dislike it when my Transformers don’t show off their insignia in their vehicle modes. I realize doing so isn’t really helpful to them being robots in disguise, but I like it nonetheless. Double Clutch doesn’t have one showing at all. Boo!

Transforming Double Clutch is way more annoying than it should be, considering just how poor his robot mode is. You shouldn’t have to work this hard to get this kind of result. He’s short and squat, with a huge chest and crappy arms that interfere with their own articulation and legs that are ridiculously useless. I also hate the way his combiner posts just hang off his elbows. And oh, look! Double Clutch proudly wears his Autobot emblem on his right knee!

It’s not that Double Clutch is that complex a Transformer, because he’s not. The problem is the ball joints on my figure pop out just by looking at them. There’s nothing more fun than having parts fall off your Transformer a thousand times when you’re trying to convert him. At one point I had to get down and fish both his arms out from under my couch while spouting out a cacaphony of swear words. Oh yeah, I also hate that backpack thing that extends up behind his head and looks fugly.

The Rallybots, on the other hand are all pretty cool. Unlike some of the past drones they don’t look superdeformed or have unsighly springs showing (I’m looking at you, Aerialbot helicopters!). They also all show off Autobot insignias, so right off the bat, I like them more than Double Clutch, even though they don’t transform.

Just when I thought I hated Double Clutch with every ounce of hate I could muster, I went through the process of converting him to his torso combiner mode, and low and behold, I found more hatred to hate him with. HATE! The problem here is getting his arms/doors to bend back and peg into these two pegs behind each of his shoulders. It’s flipping impossible to do it and every time I try, his ball joints in his elbows pop out, the parts go flying, and I cry. After about thirty minutes of fiddling with this thing and muttering to myself like a lunatic trying to solve The Hellraiser, I finally just pegged the pieces in with the ball joints detached. It was the only way I could make this mode work. I should also note that the red drone doesn’t really autoconvert like he should. I have to pry part of him apart to make it work.

That’s what you get when you’re done. It’s not terrible, but the fact that the shoulders aren’t secured right means that the arms pop off whenever you try to move them. Folks, I will never combine anyone with Double Clutch again. In fact, I may just bury him in the backyard. Fortunately, I have another street worthy Power Core Commander who can make use of these cool drones… Huffer!

Ah, that’s much better. I love Huffer and these cars go really well with him.

Fortunately, I got this set at Walmart while they have their Rollback in effect, meaning I got it for $15 instead of $20. It’s still a lot to pay for four drones and a figure I will never touch again, but they work so well with Huffer, I’m not really too upset that I bought the set.

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