DC Justice League Unlimited: Attack From Thanagar Boxed Set by Mattel

Moving on to the second of two Justice League Unlimited Figure sets that I rescued from Ross, is Attack From Thanagar. I’m pretty sure this one is based off the three part story arc from Season 2 called Starcrossed, but I’m a bit fuzzy on it. I think I saw it when it was strung together as a movie. Either way, I think this set is a lot cooler than the Eclipsed set because it’s chock full of Hawk People. And Hawk People are cool.

The package is exactly the same as the last set we looked at, which is a good thing. I like it so much I spent a considerable amount of time carefully scraping and peeling the Ross sticker off of it so I could use it to display the figures. The front of the package has a little explosion of text that points out that this set is the first release of Paran Dul, Hro Talak and Lt. Kragger. It doesn’t say anything about Hawkgirl being new, but she’s definitely not the “regular” masked Hawkgirl sculpt. She’s the “I just got to Earth and I’m going to lead the way for a friggin invasion” Hawkgirl. Maybe this figure was released before? I don’t know, I’m new to the whole JSU thang. The Green Lantern is the same sculpt I got in the last set and you also get Batman.

Talak and Kragger share the same body sculpt but with different paint decos and they have different heads. The different heads do an ok job of separating the figures apart, and I really like Talak’s. But there isn’t enough variation in the paint to really fool me into realizing they’re the same figure designed to be wearing two different kinds of pants. It’s ok though. I like the figure and I’ll take all the Hawkmen figures I can get. The belt and harness on each figure is also a separate soft plastic piece.

Similarly, Paran Dul and Hawkgirl also share the same body with different paint decos and differet heads. The difference here is a lot more striking, probably because the paint decos are a lot different, but also because of the vast difference in the head sculpts. Paran is wearing a helmet, which conceals most of her head and face. Hawkgirl on the other hand, is letting it all hang out. I absolutely love her head sculpt. It’s just adorable and features some excellent, clean paintwork on the face. She’s definitely my favorite figure in the box.

I really don’t have much to say about John Stewart. He’s a pretty simple sculpt and basically relies on his paint job to distinguish him. He’s the same figure we looked at yesterday in the Eclipsed set only without the purple shards painted on him and with his pupils back.

As for Batman, I’m guessing that if you are a JLU collector, then this guy is going to be a duplicate. I can’t imagine most fans not already having Batman. Since these are my first JLU figures, I’m perfectly fine with him being in the set, especially since he’s one of the few Leaguers that wasn’t in the last set. He’s a really great looking figure, with a much more sensible (read less stylized) sculpt than Superman from the Eclipsed set.

All the guys in this set have the same five points of articulation: Head, shoulders and hips. The girls have the shoulders and hips, but their heads don’t turn. I can understand Hawkgirl’s limitation because of her sculpted hair, but I don’t see why Paran’s can’t.

There are sadly no accessories, which seems like a big missed opportunity to give some maces or other weapons to the Hawk People. You do get the same paltry two figure stands in the set, because those stands probably cost half a cent to make and Mattel doesn’t want to go broke giving you one for each figure.

So yeah, when you get down to it, this set cheats a lot with two sculpts being repainted into four figures, and two straight repacks. That may severely diminish the value for anyone who already collects the line. As a starter set, it’s much better and there certainly isn’t a bad figure in the box, so long as these highly stylized sculpts are your bag and you don’t have a problem with Hawk People.

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