Transformers Classics: Grimlock by Hasbro

No doubt top on the list of many a fan’s wishlist for the Classics line was Grimlock. Hasbro did right by us all by getting him out of the way sooner rather than later. Afterall, considering how insanely popular he is among the fandom, Grimlock and the Dinobots haven’t gotten a lot of love throughout the years. [No, the Universe Dinobots don’t count, because true Dinobots shouldn’t look like real dinosaurs, they should look like robot dinosaurs. -FF] So, I wanted to make sure I gave Grimlock here his props during Classics Week.

Me, Grimlock think me should have been biggerer.

Yeah, I agree. Generations seems to be shunning the larger sized toys in favor of being a Deluxe Class only property [I’m still unclear whether Grapple will be in Generations or Hunt for the Decepticons packaging -FF], but back in the days of Classics and Universe 2.0, we did get some of the larger size toys. I really think Grimlock would have made a great Voyager Class. It’s not that I think the sculpt or the aesthetics of the figure would have been that much improved, but he should have been able to stand at least as tall as Optimus Prime.

That having been said, I think Hasbro did an amazing job upgrading Grimlock’s dino mode. There’s a little more rounding to the sculpt, but not enough to give him too much of an organic look. The head is awesome and the mouth opens up nice and wide so he can chomp on Decepticon fools or eat Minicons like popcorn. There’s also a ton of sculpted panel lines and other details all over his body. The biggest departure here from his original mode is the back-mounted missile launcher, which can be taken off if you’d like a more old-school look. The colors are excellent and faithful to the original. He looks like he has some wash over his primary grey color and the gold is great looking. The amount of articulation in the tail alone is pretty respecable too. Grimlock’s dino mode is just a great looking and really fun toy.

Transforming Grimlock is surprisingly different than his original version, and I’m wondering if Hasbro did the figure a disservice by over complicating things, or inexplicably trying to get away from the old style conversion. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but it effects the design of the figure with the head splitting apart to become the feet. I think that by keeping the original style of conversion, [Which was subsequently used for the Animated Grimlock. -FF], would have resulted in a much better homage to the G1 toy. How about it, Grimlock?

Me, Grimlock have teeth for toes! Why? Why have teeth for toes?

I have no idea, Grimlock. The new conversion just seems needlessly complex and fidgity, but it goes pretty quick if you know what you’r doing. Unfortunately, it also results in removing the tail, which the figure can hold as some kind of sword/bludgeon weapon. I absolutely hate when parts are removed from Transformers to make them work and then turned into shitty afterthought weapons to make it seem like a good idea.

Me, Grimlock not like holding own ass.

Nobody does, Grimlock. So let’s cast the tail aside and look at the figure. It’s not bad. It definitely shares some design elements with the original toy and the animated, but it also deviates a bit too much for my taste. The gold chest is nice effort, but that huge red orb in his chest was a strange choice. I already commented on the head splitting into the feet. If it were any other figure, it would be fine, but I don’t like it on my G1 inspired Grimlock. The shoulders suffer from the same backward assembly as my Ironhide and Ratchet, showing off the ugly screws. The head sculpt is excellent, though, and the light piping works really well on this figure.

His articulation is good, with rotating shoulders that have some lateral movement and hinged elbows. His head turns, but is very tight on my figure. His hips are ball jointed and his knees are hinged. You can get some decent poses out of him.

Honestly, I wish Hasbro had taken a different route with this figure and stuck more with the original look. They could have kept the original transformation while still adding articulation and updating the sculpt and I would have been much happier. On the other hand, he’s a really nice looking and fun figure on his own right. He’s definitely worth hunting down and buying, especially since this character hasn’t really received his due over the years.

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