Transformers Generations: Dirge by Hasbro

Thank you, Hasbro, for finally allowing me to complete my G1 Coneheads! With the recent releases of Thrust and now Dirge, at least one of my trios of Seekers is at last complete. I’m not going to get too long winded in my look at Dirge, because let’s be honest, I’ve looked at variations and repaints of this mold five times already. But thanks to an amazing paint job, Dirge turned out to be a really excellent figure, and definitely worth a look. And as Dirge himself would likely say, “Death comes to those who don’t buy my figure.”

Yep. Standard Generations card. Hasbro didn’t do so great a job securing my figure into his bubble because my Dirge arrived with his legs half transformed. No worries, though, there was no damage to the figure. The back of the card features the standard bio-blurb, which in Dirge’s case is really well written.

Ok, so we’ve seen this mold before and before that and before that. The between the Coneheads is found in the wing configuration and the color scheme. The brown wings and blue body is still a strange combination, but by this time it’s pretty iconic. The red and white stripes are ok, but it’s the Decepticon logos on the wings that I really like. Dirge has the same basic missile launchers as Thrust and they can be unpegged from his wings for Transformation and repegged onto Dirge’s arms in robot mode.

In robot mode, Dirge’s wings on his legs are the most unsightly of the three Coneheads, just because you’re looking at the underside, but that’s ok. The black and blue color scheme on this figure looks great and the overall. And I really dig the little Decepticon logo on his chest to the point that I really wish the other Coneheads had it too.The high gloss on the finish is really sharp and makes him stand out even when next to the awesomeness of Thrust’s coloring. Poor Ramjet really looks pretty drab standing next to these guys.

Articulation is the same as the other Coneheads. You get a bit of rotation in the head. The arms rotate and have lateral movement in the shoulders and the elbows are hinged. The legs have universal movement in the hips and the knees are hinged. Dirge’s stubby little wings are positioned on double hinged arms so you can move them out of the way when attempting to pose his arms to blast away at Autobot fools.

And there you have Dirge and the Coneheads. If you don’t love these guys, I don’t know what to say. They do exactly what theClassics/Universe/Generations line sets out to do: Take classic designs and characters and update them with better sculpts and articulation. I love this mold and these figures to death simply because they are the exact figures I wanted when I was a kid and wishing that my G1 Seekers could actually move anything but their arms at the shoulders. They look great, they are pretty simple to transform and they are loads of fun.

Now give me Thundercracker, goddammit!!!

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