Transformers: Legends Class Sandstorm by Hasbro

So, I don’t buy many of these Legends figures, but I stumbled upon Sandstorm on the pegs this weekend and I learned my lesson last time about not picking up the G1-styled Legends as soon as I see them. Which is, coincidently, why I don’t have this mold from when it was originally released as Beachcomber. But I absolutely love the idea of Hasbro releasing the vintage G1 Minibots as reimagined Legendsfigures and if they did this more often, I’d probably buy them all. I don’t need to be spending five bucks for a smaller version of a figure I just payed ten bucks to have as a Deluxe, but give me original figures in this class and I’m all over them. I also just think that the Legends size fits better with the simpler G1 stylings.

Sandstorm comes on a simple Hunt for the Decepticons style card and a bubble cluttered with Hasbro’s annoying stickered advertising for The Hub and their website. I honestly don’t remember if there was a bio on the back of the package, as I tore it open and threw it out pretty quick and I’m pretty sure it’s at the bottom of the can with coffee grinds all over it. Like all these new fangled Legends Class figures nowadays, Sandstorm comes packaged in his robot mode. he package lists him as a Level 1 conversion, which is Very Easy.

As a repaint of Beachcomber, Sandstorm is still a nice little dune buggy. His buggy mode is certainly simple, but it works well for this size and it even has a little removable gun and a spare tire too. Not a lot else to say here, except I think it was pretty clever for Hasbro to repaint this guy as Sandstorm. I never would have thought of it in a million years, and yet seeing the toy in person it seems to make perfect sense. Even though he obviously isn’t a Triplechanger, the homage is a solid one.

Obviously, Sandstorm’s transformation is pretty simple, although it does have a snazzy little torso-slide-head-reveal that is very impressive on a toy this small. Admittedly, in robot form the homage to Sandstorm falls apart, as Beachcomber and Sandstorm looked nothing alike and this figure clearly just looks like a beige Beachcomber. Even still, this is a great little figure, and I’m glad to see Hasbro getting a second use out of the mold. Especially considering I wouldn’t have owned it otherwise. I think it would have been cool if his gun could have been held in his hand, but I think that might be expecting too much from this sized toy.

The articulation consists of arms that rotate at the shoulders and have some lateral movement, and legs that rotate at the hips and bend at the knees as part of the transformation. It’s certainly decent enough poseability for a toy this size.

Sandstorm was a total surprise to me. In this age of the Interwebs, I’m seldom aware of all the Transformers that are coming down the pipe, and by the time they get into my hands, I usually know everything about them. Still, I had no idea that Hasbro was planning this Legendsrepaint, and every now and then surprises like this are really nice.

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