Iron Man 2 Comic Series: Hulkbuster Iron Man by Hasbro

It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up an Iron Man 2 figure. In the beginning, I was picking up all of these figures, but little by little, I grew weary of seeing the same damn figures on the pegs over and over again. It was the Indiana Jones debacle all over again [Oh, Hasbro, when will you learn??? -FF] and so I just stopped looking. It was just by sheer happenstance that I spotted Hulkbuster Iron Man on the pegs and picking him up was a no-brainer.

The packaging hasn’t changed in this line from the last time I looked at these figures. It’s honestly bizarre to see these cards still dominating so many pegs so long after the movie has come and gone from both theaters and the DVD/Blu-Ray release. The fact that my Walmart still has about 15 pegs dedicated to Iron Man 2 and no Marvel Universe whatsoever really pisses me off to no end. But that’s another issue. The packaging is still great. The bubble is huge and shows off the figure wonderfully, which should please carded collectors to no end.

Two things to know about this figure: He’s big and he’s awesome. Considering how good the sculpting is on the regular Iron Man suits, it’s only natural that Hulkbuster’s larger canvas would be equally impressive. The figure is covered with all sorts of panel lines and plating, as well as the hydraulics for the joints in the arms and legs. The paint apps are solid, although, I do wish Hasbro had matched the colors used on the torso and the limbs and head a little better. It’s not enough to really detract from the figure, but it is noticeable. Still, I love the Hulkbuster design and even if you aren’t one of those crazies that has to own every single variation of Tony Stark’s suits, this one is a pretty distinctive one to add to your collection. Especially if you find your Hulk figure getting unruly on the shelf.

Hulkbuster’s articulation consists of ball joints in the shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles. The wrists have swivel cuts and the knees are double hinged. He can turn his head from side to side also, and he has a ball joint in the middle of his torso so he can swivel and do an ab crunch. The only thing really missing are swivels in the biceps, which would have been appreciated.

What’s this? No giant missile firing accessory? Nope. Hulkbuster doesn’t come with any weapons at all, although considering the extra plastic that went into making him, I’m not surprised. He does come with the same style of figure stand as all the Iron Man 2 figures. Also included are the three overlay cards that can be fitted into the stand as a backdrop. It’s still a great idea, but Hulkbuster is just way too big to work very well with the stand, which is tiny by comparison. Yeah, you can still plug his foot into it, but he doesn’t need it. He stands fine on his own. Still, I suppose it’s a nice addition if you want to display all your Iron Man 2 figures with the cards in a uniform fashion.

There’s no doubt that the Iron Man 2 line is getting long in the tooth, and it doesn’t help matters that many of the late wave figure are still not showing up on the pegs because they are still clogged with Wave 2 figures. Nonetheless, Hulkbuster Iron Man is proof positive that there are still nice surprises to be found here if you look hard enough. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even stumble across Whiplash or some of the Drones. But that’s probably just crazy talk.

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