Lego Pharaoh’s Quest: Scarab Attack (#7305)

The big unlicensed Lego series hitting the stores now is Pharaoh’s Quest, [Actually, right now that would be Ninjago, but I’m not all that interested in those, so bear with me, folks. -FF] the epic story of adventurer Jack Raines and his quest to steal a bunch of mystical Egyptian artifacts from a slew of baddies. Each set is themed around a specific artifact, which is noted on the package. I think this line was a stroke of genius coming off the licensed Indiana Jones sets, since it offers up the same general flavor with free reign to get as wacky and imaginative as they want, and of course without any of those pesky licensing fees. Plus, your Indiana Jones minifigs will feel right at home with any of these sets. The initial assortment of sets offers something for every size group. I’m going to start from the bottom and work my way up (more or less), so today we’ll begin with Scarab Attack.

Scarab Attack is the smallest of the current assortment, weighing in at just 44 pieces. The box contains an instruction sheet and two unnumbered baggies of bricks. It recreates Jack’s campsite as he gets set upon by a Giant Scarab. The set comes with a Jack Raines minifig, the Giant Scarab, a cooking pit, and an equipment stand. There’s a slew of tiny pieces, but it took no time at all to slap thsi set together.

The Jack Raines minifig is great. His head is printed on one side with a smarmy expression. I don’t think he’s too worried about that giant ass scarab coming at him. His shirt is printed on both sides, and the gold paint they are using on this set looks great. I love the bandalier strap of cartridges running down his chest, as it goes well with the rifle that comes with the set. He also comes with a pick axe, binoculars and the Golden Crystal artifact.

Next up is the Giant Scarab, which keep in mind is just giant when compared to normal scarabs, but he’s still a good size compared to Jack. I love this figure. The construction is really clever, and the articulation is pretty good. It also looks great. Instead of stickers, the back is printed with a cartouche and part of a brick wall. He’s a fun figure.

The rest of the set is kind of meh. The cooking pit comes with a flame piece, a turkey leg and a coffee cup. The equipment box can hold the rifle and the pick axe. I would have preferred a second minifig in this set over the campsite, but that probably goes without saying.

If you’re opening sets like I am, from smallest to largest, I think you’ll be happy with this set. It’s new and fresh, which is cool and it does exactly what it needs to do. It introduces you to the main character and gives him something to fight. But even if this isn’t your first set, you’ll probably find some nice stuff in here to compliment some of the bigger sets, particularly the scarab figure. The retail here is only $4.99, and honestly, I think the Jack Raines figure and the Giant Scarab are worth the price of admission alone, although I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of this Jack Raines minifig.

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