Lego Pharaoh’s Quest: Golden Staff Guardians (#7306)

Last time we looked at the smallest set of the Pharaoh’s Quest assortment, today we’re climbing up a notch to the Golden Staff Guardians set. It’s not quite twice as big as the Scarab Attack set, but with 70 pieces, including no less than three minifigs and a vehicle, things are starting to get a little more serious. As indicated in the title of the set, this time around the featured artifact is the Golden Staff.

The box contains an instruction sheet and two unnumbered bags of bricks. The minifigs consist of two Mummy Guardians, or Warriors if you prefer, and the second of the heroes in the line, mechanic-slash-adventurer Mac McCloud. You also get the pedastal containing the Golden Staff and McCloud’s motorcycle, along with some weapons and equipment. Let’s start with the minifigs.

The two Mummies are identical, but they do have double printed faces, so you can at least make them each look unique. Personally, I’m not a fan of the one-eyed face, so I’m fine with them both looking the same. Their torsos are printed on both sides, and the detail is very nice. They each come with a sword and a scarab shield and also a black headpiece. Then you have Mac McCloud. His torso is also printed on both sides. He’s wearing an oil stained A-shirt with suspenders. He’s also wearing a motorcycle helmet with flip down goggles. He comes with a bundle of dynamite and a rifle. 

The motorcycle is pretty cool, but the build was a little disappointing in that the bulk of it is made up of just two pieces. I know, this is only a ten dollar set, but I buy these things to build, and slapping the bike together was just way too simple. I also preferred to go with just the one headlight as opposed to using the extra block to give it two. It just looks more natural. The back of the bike has clips to hold both the dynamite and the rifle. Mac fits on it fine, and it’s not too hard to get it to stand up, but it does have a habit of toppling over.

The altar is just a little construct to house the staff. It looks ok, and I like the little palm brick on the side to give it some garnish. I think it could have used a couple of stickers to help it along, but it’s fine for what it is. There is a a rod through it, which is designed to blast the staff off the altar when you hit it. This gimmick works with varying degrees of success.

This set retails at just under ten bucks, and I’ve got to say I think the value for your money here is pretty high. Not only do you get a brand new hero for the line, but you get two army builder minifigs, another artifact to chase after and the motorcycle is pretty cool too. It didn’t take very long to put together, but that’s to be expected from a set at this price point. All in all, it was a satisfying step up from the last set, and I definitely recommend picking it up.

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