Lego Pharaoh’s Quest: Rise of the Sphinx (#7326)

Pharaoh’s Quest presses onward and upward with the next set in the series, Rise of the Sphinx. The last time we looked at theCursed Cobra Statue, but now that seems like mere child’s play when compared to the 527 pieces of Rise of the Sphinx. Wowsers! Not only is this set bigger than the combined brick count of all four sets in the series we’ve looked at so far, it’s the largest Lego set I own. That may not be saying much to some of you Legophiles out there, but it’s got me all excited. I even may have pee’d a bit. Let’s tear this baby open and see what we got.

The box is nice and big and does a good job of advertising what you get once you’re done with the build. Inside you get four bags of NUMBERED bricks. Yep, we’re up to the big leagues now and the bags need numbers. You also get two instruction books and a small sheet of stickers. Bag #1 builds the three minifigs and the vehicle, a roadster. Bag #2 builds the temple base. Bag #3 builds the head and body of the Sphinx, and Bag #4 builds the Sphinx’s legs. The three minifigs, vehicle and Egyptian structure has been the basic formula for the last three sets in the series, but this time out, the Egyptian part really monopolizes the brick count in a big way. Oh yeah, the featured artifact this time around is the Golden Sword, which will go nicely with the Golden Scarab Shield from the last set. Enough with the preamble… to the minifigs!

Ok, things are starting to get really redundant here. You get another Jack Raines. This time, he’s got the body of the Aviator Jack Raines that came in the Flying Mummy Attack set, but the hair of regular Jack Raines. Either way, you really don’t need this figure if you’ve picked up all the smaller sets so far. The Mummy Guards are the same ones that came with Golden Staff Guardians only instead of each one coming with a sword and scarab shield, one comes with a sword and the other with a spear. There’s nothing wrong with any one of these figures, they’re great, but they are starting to get a little stale. But hey, at least my Mummy army is continuing to grow.

The roadster falls in somewhere between the jeep from Golden Staff Guardians and the bi-plane from Flying Mummy Attack in terms of size and complexity. It looks great, and holds two figures. I like the build for the exposed engine as it was really creatively done. It comes with a rifle that mounts onto it behind the seats and a pick axe that stores on the rear bumper.

The Sphinx consists of two parts, there’s the temple base and the Sphinx itself. The idea here is the same as the Cursed Cobra Statue. Once Jack helps himself to the Golden Sword artifact, the Sphinx comes to life and chases him down for stealing his shit. Yes, the Sphinx is in reality a fully articulated figure, big enough to squish Jack under his paws. The temple contains an altar that looks very similar to the lid of the Ark of the Covenant only with golden scorpions instead of angels. There’s a play feature that allows you to clip the dynamite to the wall and then by slamming the exposed lever on the back of the temple, you can blow out the wall and reveal the altar with the Golden Sword. It works surprisingly well.

The Sphinx rests snugly on top of the temple, but his legs are all on ratchet joints so he can stand up just fine on his own and be put in various poses. His head is stationary, but his bottom jaw opens and closes. It’s a really big piece, especially when standing with legs extended. Building the Sphinx was lots of fun and even though the legs involved redundand builds, you still had to mirror the left and right legs, which I did without the instructions for a little added fun and challenge.

Even with the rather redundant minifigs, this is one awesome Lego set. It took me about two and a half hours to build it, although keep in mind I was well lubricated on Scotch while I was doing it, so your build time may vary, and it was fun all the way. The Sphinx’s articulation is good and he’s a solid toy that can stand perfectly fine on his own, although mine will spend most of his time squatting on his temple and looking awesome while doing it. At fifty bucks, I was pretty concerned over the value of this set, but having built it, I’ve got no complaints.

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