Thundercats… Hoooooooooly shit!

So, I had every intention of posting another review today, but I didn’t get home until late and it’s safe to say that I’m fairly drunk. It’s the same story as the last two days, but the difference is that those days I already had my posts written and the photography finished. So, rather than try to turn out some half-assed review today before I pass out, I thought I’d just pop in and talk briefly about the photos that are circulating around the web showing off the new character art for the up and coming Thundercats remake as well as the accompanying toy line.

I want to say that I wasn’t holding up a lot of hopes, for either the new show or the new toys, but then I’d be lying. Even though I have little faith in the cartoons of today (Avengers being the big exception) and I had no faith in Bandai turning out toys I would want to purchase, I couldn’t help but get excited and hope that it was all going to be done right. Well, photos have leaked onto the web from the London Toy Fair and I am absolutely stupified by the awesomeness on display.

I’m not going to repost the images here, mainly because they weren’t supposed to be leaked, but you can probably find them pretty easily if you look. The character art shows Lion-O, Cheetara, Tyrga and Panthro and I absolutely love the art for these characters. There’s no mistaking who they are supposed to be and yet they are all definitely a pretty fresh take on the originals. I am 100 percent happy with what I see. That’s not to say that the cartoon might turn out horribly, but at least with the character art on display here, it’s started in the right direction.

As for the toys. Some time ago I said that all I wanted was some 3 3/4″ figures, that were reminiscent of the original character designs, and a Thundertank that they can ride in. And we’re getting both. And I just pee’d a little. The figures were a little small in the photo, but they look like they do a good job of recreating the new art styling. There were two vehicles shown, a Thunder Bike and the Thunder Tank. They were both shown boxed, and the Thundertank was shown loose. In addition, we were treated to a roleplay style Sword of Omens, that looked like one of the best role play toys ever made.

I know it’s going to be a little while until these toys come out, and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing better pictures, but I can say right now that I’ll be purchasing everything that was on display in that booth. This is one happy Thundercat fan.

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