Doctor Who: Paradigm Daleks by Character Options

Finally, the five New Paradigm Daleks that were introduced in last year’s Victory of the Daleks have been released in figure form… I mean widely released… sort of. All of these figures, except the white Supreme were already available as scattered releases, many of which were exclusives and really hard to get, ie. expensive. The orange Scientist Dalek was part of an SDCC exclusive two-pack, the blue Strategist and yellow Eternal Daleks were both originally released as store exclusives, and the red Drone was originally released as part of the six-figure Underhenge Set. I would have bet anything that these were going to come out together as a boxed set instead of a single carded wave, but then since both the Drone and Strategist Daleks have already been released in single carded versions, CO probably opted to go for a full wave of individual releases so as not to further piss off collectors. Afterall, I’m sure there are people who spent some cash getting the exclusives. But if you did take the time to track many of these down already, then it might come as some small comfort to know that even this wave was issued Stateside in pretty small allocations. I had the entire wave on pre-order even though I already own two of the Drones and the Strategist, and in the end I was mighty glad I did, because all my regular sources sold out pretty quickly.

The packaging is what has become standard for the Series 5 figures. It’s very similar to the packages that the previous Strategist and Drone Daleks came in. The big differences are the back of the card, which just shows the five Paradigm Daleks and has a blurb about them from the episode. The front of the card has a bubble that says, “The New Dalek Paradigm is Here!” and another that says, “5 To Collect!”

I’ve already reviewed this mold no less than three times, [actually, it’s four times if you count the Stone Dalek. -FF] so forgive me if I’m a little brief here. I do want to point out that while I’m still kind of iffy on this design on the small screen, I absolutely adore the way they translate into figure form. Maybe it didn’t help that they were only seen in a Dalek ship that looked like the boiler room of my old high school and that they were practically scraping the top of their domes on the ceiling. Toss some of these New Paradigm Daleks on a planet extreminating the crap out of inferior fools, and I might like them a lot more on the small screen. Either way, they make for brilliant looking toys.

I’ll also point out that the quality of the paint on these figures truly is outstanding, especially when compared to the dodgy paintwork on most of the classic Dalek releases. My Paradigms have virtually no slop, smudging or bleeding. Just beautiful glossy paint that really makes the newness of the designs stand out like brand new cars that just rolled off the floor of a dealership. Even the goofy organic eye in the stalk has grown on me quite a bit.

I’m really happy to finally own a full set of these Daleks. The total cost of the pre-order with shipping put these guys at about $17 a piece, which is defintely more than I like to pay for Who figures. Then again, if I can pay $28 with shipping for a Masters of the Universe Classics figure from Mattel, then $17 for an import figure from my all-time favorite show doesn’t seem so bad in comparison. It doesn’t bother me at all that I now own three of the Drones, since they’re just army builders anyway. I could probably have done without two Strategists, but I’m not going to pick nits. I do still think that CO should run off another batch of these, though. It isn’t every day the Daleks get completely new designs, and whether you love them or hate them, they’re some of the most important releases in the line of New Who figures and I really think they should be made accordingly available.

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