Tron Legacy: Clu’s Lightcycle (Diecast) by Spin Master

Sorry to do this to y’all, but I’ve got to do a bit of a quickie today. I’m working some pretty insane hours this week and it’s not leaving me a lot of time to get home and work on Figurefan. Anywho, I searched through my pile of fairly recent acquisitions and I came up with this one that fits the bill for something that I could do justice in a short amount of time. I was planning on not looking at any of the smaller scale diecast Tron toys until I had a handful of them to review all at once, or at least one of those three-packs, but since I picked this one up a few days ago, I figured I’d just go with it.

I love the packaging here, but it’s definitely more nostalgia tugging at my heart strings than anything really super special about the simple blister card. It’s the neon Tron logo and the awesome card art of the lightcycle racing in action that really appeals to me. In fact, I actually considered keeping this thing unopened because I really have no intention of displaying it loose and it would have looked so nice hanging on my wall. Maybe if I get enough of these things, I’ll actually pick up one of those Recognizer collector cases. The package proudly and optimistically boasts this as part of, Series 1, hoping that enough of these things sell to keep the line going. A couple of months ago, I would have doubted it, but with images of the new figures and even the Light Jet toys, I think Spin Masters isn’t going to abandon this property so quickly.

Out of the package, this little lightcycle doesn’t hold too many surprises. It’ s very well sculpted, the paint apps are nice and it rolls along beautifully. The diecast also makes it satisfyingly heavy. Naturally, this is the same sculpt that has been repainted and released as Sam’s Lightcycle and Clu’s Sentry’s Lightcycle. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, you really do need a bunch of these to slam into each other’s imaginary light walls. It also stands up really well on its own.

This tiny little lightcycle costs about four bucks. It’s honestly not that bad, considering the price of some of those little Star Wars Titaniums. This thing is much beefier and heftier then any of those. I don’t know that you absolutely need this in your Tron collection, but if you’re a more casual fan that doesn’t want to invest in the larger Lightcycle and the figures, than you could do worse than picking up some of these to sit amongst your desk toys.

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