Marvel Universe: Constrictor by Hasbro

I’m still working on catching up on all the Marvel Universe figures that I’ve added to my collection this past couple of weeks. Today, I thought we’d check out Frank Payne, aka. Constrictor. While I think Constrictor was a great character for Hasbro to add to the MU lineup, there’s really one main reason I wanted this figure as badly as I did and that’s because he spent some time as Deadpool’s roommate,[Somewhere back in the #40’s of Deadpool, Vol. 1 -FF] along with Absorbing Man’s wife, Titania, who actually turned out to be Copycat in disguise. Yeah, great stuff.

Constrictor comes on the almost standard MU card. He was actually a Runner-Up for the Fan’s Choice Figure, so there’s a little band saying so in the upper left hand corner and the border along the left side of the bubble is foil, making the package stand out a little from the other ones on the pegs. He was released among the waves stylized after The Dark Reign story arc, so the package has the HAMMER logo instead of SHIELD. Constrictor is nicely displayed in the bubble in a fairly passive stance with his tendrils hanging down at his sides. I really like the character art used here. It’s actually a lot more exciting than some of the images used on the cards of far more mainstream characters.

No doubt, Constrictor is a pretty distinctive looking character, and the figure certainly does his design justice. There isn’t a whole heck of a lot of sculpted detail on the body, as it mostly relies a generic body sculpt and paint apps. The paintwork is overall very good, except for one major flaw. There’s a big blue dot right on his belly, which is pretty unsightly. The head sculpt, however is really fantastic, especially the grimace on the exposed lower half of the face.

Apart from his figure stand and cache of documents, Constrictor doesn’t come with any accessories, but he does have his two Vibranium tendrils that are permanently attached to his wrists. They’re made of soft flexible plastic and honestly look like gummi worms. I don’t really mean that as a criticism, because they really do look great and while they aren’t poseable, they work fine in pretty much any pose you put him in.

Articulation is what we’ve come to expect from the MU male figures. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips, hinges in the elbows and double hinged knees, swivel cuts in the biceps and wrists, both swivels and hinges in the ankles, and that universal type joint in the torso.

I’m not sure whether this character was all that high on a lot of collector’s lists. Yeah, he was a Fan’s Choice runner-up, but I tend to find these selections rather dubious. He does have a sufficiently deep background to make him warrant a figure, but as I’ve already said, the the main reason I wanted him is because he was Deadpool’s roommate in a particularly entertaining story arc. As a figure, he doesn’t break any major ground in terms of sculpt, but he’s a solid representation of the character and well worth hunting down for the fans out there.

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