Tron Legacy: Deluxe Black Guard by Spin Master

I’m at the halfway point looking at these Deluxe Tron figures from Spin Master. We’ve already looked at Sam Flynn and Rinzler, now it’s time to check out Clu’s faceless and ruthless soldiers of his Grid police state. It’s the Black Guard!

Once again, the figure comes on a big card that features a great deco, with the awesome looking Tron logo running up the side and a whole lot of weird warnings and information about the toy’s electronics on the back. The bubble shows off the figure very nicely and includes the cut out Try Me hole so you can light him up. It’s great for MOSC collectors or if you just want to see how the lights look when you’re deciding whether or not to buy him in the store.

By now, the overall design of these guys may be bleeding together a bit to the casual eye. Yes, they’re all dudes in black body suits and helmets, but the sculpting is most definitely unique on this figure and while some of the subtle texturing is hard to make out against the all black figure, you can definitely make it out under close inspection and the Black Guard does have some really distinctive elements to his design. I like the gas mask style components on his helmet, which is a little reminscent of the ones on the masks of the MPC Guards in the original Tron. He also has the little demolision charges sculpted into his legs. There’s not a lot of paint apps here, just some orange detail work scattered here and there and on the solar panels of his wings.

Yes, wings. The Black Guard also comes with his wings attached and deployed. These are the parachute-like devices used by The Guard when attacking The End of Line club. They can be removed in two pieces, and simply clip into holes on the figures’ back. Unfortunately one of the clips on mine seems to be missing. I don’t think it’s broken, it seems more like a QC issue with the mold. It will stay on fairly well, but it doesn’t lock in as solidly as the other one.

As with Rinzler, The Black Guard doesn’t feature any sound or Impulse Projection. Instead, the figure’s electronic gimmick is confined to the lights in his chest, activated by pressing the button under his left armpit. His lights are similar to Rinzler’s as they’re orange and basically scattered points, rather than the long strips seen on Clu and Sam Flynn. They are bright and clear, though, and look pretty good. In addition to the removable wings, The Black Guard comes with his Ident Disc and two Batons. The Disc can clip onto the figure’s back just like the other Deluxe figures, although you do need to remove the wings to clip it on and remove it. The two batons can be stored in sockets on his elbows.

I’ve really been digging all of these Deluxe figures, but I think the Black Guard here edges out the others as my favorite. Besides being the most distinctive sculpt, it’s obvious that Spin Master put a little extra love into him. As with the other Deluxe figures in the line, this guy runs about $14.99 and I’ve got no complaints about the price tag. With three down, that just leaves one to go. Next time we revisit the Tron toys, I’ll wrap up the Deluxes with Clu himself.

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