Vintage Vault: Sectaurs Pinsor and Battle Beetle by Coleco

We haven’t taken a trip down to the Vintage Vault in a while, and since I was specifically looking for something different to do today, I figured we’d check in on the Sectaurs again. Yes, it’s another figure, but this time, we’re also looking at the big honking bug that the figure was bundled with. Meet Pinsor and Battle Beetle.


I’d point out that naturally I don’t have the packaging for these guys anymore, but it’s worth noting that a MISB set just slipped through my grasp a few weeks ago at a more than reasonable price. Oh well. Suffice it to say these figures came in a good sized window box that would have been really difficult for me to store and still keep free of getting crushed or torn or anything else, so it’s probably for the best that I missed it. Mine is not quite a complete set, as we’ll see in a little bit, but both figures are in beautiful shape, although the Battle Beetle seems to be losing a hair now and then. At least I hope that’s his hair.

I’ve gone on in a couple of entries about how much I like the Sectaurs as just plain action figures. They have distinctive designs, they’re well articulated, they fit in great with the Masters of the Universe Classics, and they come with great weapons and accessories. But what really made this upstart line of toys from Coleco so awesome was the innovative bug-puppets that they could ride on. Behold the Battle Beetle!


To the uninitiated, the Battle Beetle is one of a number of plastic creatures in the toy line that the figures can saddle up and ride, but you can put your hand into a glove-like thing underneath it to work it like a puppet. There’s a ring that you pass your finger through that works the pincers and the rest of the fingers are supposed to be his legs. He’s also got real hair on his back, and I don’t know about you but I find bug hair creepy. The Battle Beetle is one of the more common of the ride on critters, but they can all be tough to find in good condition because the hair tends to get pulled out or damaged and the glove is often missing. I was lucky to get this guy in almost perfect condition. The plastic portions of the Battle Beetle are nicely sculpted, with the same purplish color as the figures and he has a sculpted saddle that will fit any of the Sectaur figures. The pinchers work really well and you can use them to swoop down and grab another figure and carry it off. Sweet.


Pinsor is a fairly distinctive figure as he’s a bit more portly than the other Sectaurs I’ve looked at here (Zak and Mantor), but the sculpt is instantly recognizeable as part of the series, particularly in the head sculpt. He’s got a big beefy head, a Prussian-style mustache and the same blue bug eyes and rubbery antenna that the other good-guy Sectaurs possess. Apart from being broader, Pinsor’s torso is similarly sculpted and colored as Zak and Mantor, as are his arms and legs. Mine has a bit of paint scratching on his butt from being fitted into the saddle on the Battle Beetle a zillion times over the years.

The articulation on Pinsor is identical to Zak and Mantor. He has ball jointed shoulders and hips and hinged knees. His head turns 360 degrees. His hand-claws are sculpted a bit strangely, but they do work to hold his accessories really well.


Pinsor’s accessories include the removable rubbery belt and bandalier strap seen on the previous Sectaurs I’ve looked at here, although it’s style is unique to this figure. It includes a holster and a sheath for his pistol and sabre. Alas, I don’t have the pistol, but the sabre fits nicely on his back. He also comes with a big kite-style shield, which I love. It’s much better than the small target shields that came with Zak and Mantor.



As with the other figures in this line, this set holds up really well even by today’s standards. The sculpting and colors are nice and while the articulation on Pinsor isn’t what we would call outstanding today, it still beats the basic five-points that we still sometimes see cropping up in action figures today. And while I think the figures themselves are worthwhile by themselves, to really experience the coolness factor of the Sectaurs, you really need to own at least one of these bigger bugs. As mentioned, Battle Beetle here is probably the best one to go with, but he isn’t necessarily the best. Not to worry, though, I’ll take a look at some more of the Sectaurs figures and the bigger ride ons in the near future… as soon as I can figure out what tote they’re hiding in.

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