Transformers Armada: Blurr with Incinerator by Hasbro

Time to get back to one of my favorites of Armada lineup and it’s Blurr. Is he another G1 homage? Meh, sort of. but not really. He is a futuristic grey-blue sportscar, but apart from that there isn’t a lot of similarities here in robot or vehicle mode to that fast-talking speedster of yesteryear. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, because this guy has a lot of cool things going for him all on his own.



I loooove Blurr’s auto mode. It’s a super sleek futuristic car with a ton of character and a lot of sculpted detail. And hey look! Clear windows. As if the car design wasn’t cool enough, Blurr has a rather unique and extremely awesome Minicon gimmick. Instead of just pegging Incinerator onto a Port, you plug him into the slot in the back of Blurr’s car mode and the side panels spring out to reveal not only missile launchers, but a very cool flying car mode. It’s not a crappy flying car mode either where little white wings fold out (sorry, Tracks) and that’s it. No sir, the back wheels actually fold down to look like VTOL engines. The whole thing works really well.



Transforming Blurr is a bit of a fidgity affair, especially for Armada where none of the toys were overly complex. There’s a couple of crucial shifts you need to do to make everything work, and a couple of spring-loaded movements, which I’m generally not fond of. But when you’re done Blurr looks really cool, even if he does have some severe backpack kibble and as a result is rather backheavy. The upswept shoulders look really nice and he can hold his missile launchers in both hands as weapons, which is a nice little plus. His head isn’t really a traditional Transformers design, but overall I like it, and a lot better than his animated counterpart that actually looked like there was a human head under all that. Blah, I hated that cartoon.



As already noted, Blurr’s Minicon is Incinerator, which is rather an odd name for an Autobot orientated Minicon. It’s even stranger when you consider that he’s not some evil looking war machine, but rather just a little racecar. I’m tempted to hate him because in robot mode he has the whole front of his car mode hanging off of his right arm, but the rest of him looks so darn good, it’s easy to excuse the unsightly kibble. Especially in a Minicon. Besides, I suppose that can count as a weapon if he punches you in the face with it.


Oddly enough, Blurr never got the Powerlinx makeover, but that didn’t stop Hasbro from getting their money’s worth out of the mold. He was repainted as Swerve in the Universe line, and later released in the Cybertron line, this time named Blurr again, but with a new and more G1-inspired head sculpt and tooled to take a Cyberkey. Of these my favorite is Swerve, just because the snazzy red paintjob really suits him. The mold had yet another outing as part of the 2008 Botcon Exclusive Shattered Glass set, and the only version of him that’s not in my collection.

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