Lego City: Prisoner Transport (#7286)

So, after more than a week of remaining Lego-Free here at Figurefan, I’ve decided to do a Lego weekend before moving onto whatever it is I decide to go with on Monday. I probably should have used today to look at the last Lego Atlantis set that I built, but I’m rather excited to begin my first forays into Lego City, so I’m going to spend the weekend looking at two of the Police themed sets from this series. We’ll start with the smaller one and move on to the bigger one tomorrow.



The box shows off what you’re going to get inside and proclaims this is a “Modular Build, Easy Start.” I have no idea what that means, but I’ve seen it on a number of the Lego City sets. There’s nothing challenging here, but I didn’t find building this set any different than other sets in this size and price range. Anyway, the box contains an instruction book, a sticker sheet, and two numbered baggies with a total of 173 pieces. Once everything is built you get two minifigs, a motorcycle, a police barricade, a box of junk police equipment, and the prisoner transport vehicle. Let’s start with the minifigs.



The minifigs consist of a police officer and a criminal. I’m used to my minifigs being knights or space police or fish-men, so these guys are pretty normal by comparison.The policeman is ok, but because Lego is a European company he doesn’t really look like any cop that we’re used to seeing here in the States, and he doesn’t come with a gun. He does come with a lot of stuff, but I’ll get to that when I discuss the box that goes in the vehicle. The criminal comes with a striped shirt that implies he just got out of prison and is wasting no time commiting more crimes, as he has a backpack and a stolen stack of loot. The motorcycle presumeably belongs to the criminal. It’s a nifty little piece, which thankfully came with an extra kickstand piece for me to give to my Pharaoh’s Quest motorcycle so it’ll stop flopping over.



I don’t have a whole lot to say about the truck itself. It sits one figure up in the front by taking off the roof and the rear section has a seat for the prisoner with bars on the windows and door. It’s a bit weird just having the one seat in there, as if it was designed to transport Lego Hannibal Lector. Nonetheless, the truck was pretty fun to build and it rolls along great. The oddest thing about it is the hinged shutter-like doors on the sides that give you access to a compartment for the crate of junk equipment. It’s kind of an odd addition to the design and with the shutters up for some reason it reminds me more of an Ice Cream truck than anything else. I guess if you play with these things the equipment is a nice bonus, but I kind of think it was tossed in to up the sets brick count. There’s a hinged spotlight on the back and a rotating spotlight up top. It seems like with just a few modifications you could turn this thing into a number of different vehicles. I’m seeing a News Van and possibly some kind of Animal Control vehicle.



This set cost $20 at Walmart, which quite frankly I think is pushing things a bit. The truck is substantial enough and you do get two minifigs and a bunch of stuff, but maybe I’m just not seeing as much of the play value or coolness factor because it’s a Lego City set and not a bunch of Knights or Aliens or Divers fighting Fishmen. I just know that I spent less for some of the Atlantis sets with higher brick counts than this, and I guess that just bugs me. Although, I will admit, this set seemed to use a lot less tiny pieces than some of the sets from other lines that I’ve built. Even still, it’s a fine set, and it’ll go well with the Police Station if I ever decide to pony up for it.

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