Doctor Who: 10 Random Thoughts About The Impossible Astronaut

I had every intention of getting another Doctor Who figure review in to round out the week, but alcohol unavoidable distractions tripped me up. As a result, I thought I’d just punctuate the week with some random thoughts about the Series Six premier episode, The Impossible Astronaut. Overall, I enjoyed it, or at least I started enjoying it about 10 minutes into it. I didn’t want to do a review proper, since it’s one story and I haven’t seen the second part yet. So here we go…

  • Moffat, knock it off with “killing” and then “unkilling” the Doctor or dipping into the “OMG, he’s going to regenerate, oh wait, no he’s not” pool. You cheapen things so much when you do this, and it’s a terrible way to start a Series.
  • Matt Smith is still amazing as The Doctor.
  • So these guys are The Silence? Really? Seems kind of anticlimactic.
  • Rory is so awesome. For the love of god, give him more lines and don’t kill him off again.
  • How is William Morgan Sheppard still alive and looking so good? He’s been old in every movie I’ve seen him in going back for what seems like decades.
  • I thoroughly enjoy when the writers work the whole Doctor who? line into the script, but it should be used sparingly and never… ever… twice in one episode.
  • OMG, they mentioned Star Trek in Doctor Who… THREE TIMES!!!
  • I really hope this story arc is wrapped up in this two parter. I’m not interested enough to see it go on for all of Series Six.
  • Who is River Song? I’m thoroughly convinced that River Song is somehow a physical manifestation of the TARDIS. I know I’m not the only one to put forth this theory, but at this point it’s the only possibility that makes sense to me any more.
  • Ugh, it’s going to be a really long week.

Oh, and Happy Easter!!!

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