Transformers Generations: Warpath by Hasbro

I think one of Hasbro’s biggest missteps in the Classics inspired lines was taking the old G1 Minibots and turning them into much larger toys. The modern revamps of Powerglide and Silverbolt were decent figures, but as Ultra Class toys made them too awkwardly sized to interact with the rest of the line. Silverbolt looks OK standing next to Masterpiece Prime, but Classics Prime? Not so much. Both of these figures would have been so much better as Deluxes and that’s why I’m particularly pleased that Hasbro didn’t oversize Warpath. Warpath is a gorgeous and wonderfully designed figure, and as a Deluxe I’m happy to say he fits right in with the other Deluxes on my shelf. Let’s take a look…


Generations packaging. We just saw it yesterday. Hasn’t changed much. Warpath comes carded in his tank mode with his missile mounted beside him. The character art on the card is ok, but it doesn’t make me feel all warm, fuzzy and nostalgic. Don’t let the Intermediate skill level fool you, Warpath is really easy to transform. The back of the card has the obligatory bio blurb, which sadly doesn’t have anything about his combustable speech impediment.



Warpath’s tank mode is obviously different than his G1 version. It’s less earthy realism and more futuristic sci-fi…ism, but the homage still works really well thanks to the amazing sculpt and the very faithful color scheme. The hull is covered with tiny little details like panel lines, rivets and vents. The faux treads are molded and the toy rolls along on concealed wheels. The turret rotates 360 degrees and the turret will elevate a bit. He has a molded rocket launcher cluster on his turret as well as an actual firing missile launcher. The missile in the launcher has an unfortunately really long tail for safety reasons. I’m still considering giving it a little snip-snip. Of course, the best thing about the tank mode is the lettering on the sides, “K4-9OW” for “KA-POW” and “ZOW-333” for “ZOWEE.” Naturally, these are meant to pay homage to Warpath’s rather eccentric way of talking in the G1 cartoon. Warpath’s other favorite forms of involuntary exposition? Blammo, Bam, Boom, and my all time favorite, Kaplowie. I get the impression that Warpath spits a lot when he talks too.


Transforming Warpath is really quite easy and yet terribly clever at the same time. The way his arms and legs fold out is particularly cool, although some may not dig the hollow nature of his forearms. Personally, it doesn’t bother me at all. By far, my favorite thing about this figure, though, is the way the barrel depresses into his chest to give him a robot appearance more akin to his G1 animated namesake, rather than the simple Minibot toy where the barrel stayed the same length. I’m particularly fond of the way his rocket and missile launchers land on his shoulders after transformation. And the headsculpt is a perfect G1 homerun. The rest of the robot form is equally amazing. He’s solid, has great articulation, and beautiful proportions and symmatry. This is without a doubt the Warpath toy I would have loved to own as a kid.



In case you haven’t guessed, I adore this figure. It’s easily my favorite design to come down from Hasbro in a long while, and that’s saying quite a lot since there have been a steady stream of pretty awesome Transformer in this line for a while now. Nonetheless, Warpath has everything I’m looking for in a Generations figure. He’s a great homage, not too fussy to transform, and looks great in both alt and robot forms. Get this guy in your collection. He’s a must-have if I’ve ever seen one.


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