Masters of the Universe Classics: Moss Man by Mattel

Back when Moss Man was first offered, a lot of collectors were raging over the whole flocked and unflocked ears issue. I opted to take a pass on the figure altogether. He was never one of my favorite characters or figures from the vintage line and I probably had a flood of other things to spend my money on that month. Fast forward to April and I haven’t been buying a whole lot of MOTUC figures lately. I was jonesing for a fix… badly. Sy-Klone was a definite pass for me, which left my choices between Moss Man and Battle Armor Skeletor. I opted for Moss Man, but make no mistake, I’ll be picking up BA Skeletor eventually.

Behold the MOTUC packaging!!! Ok, so we’ve seen it before and it hasn’t changed. This is the re-issue of the figure, so you’ll note the sticker on the front of the bubble that says “The Original!” which is oddly enough Matty’s way of labeling the figure as not being the original. Anywho, the packaging is as brilliant and as beautiful as ever, and this remains one of the few lines of action figures that really makes me a little sad over tearing open. I was even more sad when I opened it, because boy does it stink. Moss Man would make an awesome Christmas present because right out of the package he smells like pure 100 percent concentrated Christmas shoved right up your nose.

So, in case you missed the whole flocking controversy, the unflocking of Moss Man’s ears was a running change during the production of the first issue Moss Man figure. As a result a small number of the figures had flocked ears before Matty changed it. As expected, the re-issue of Moss Man has the unflocked ears. I still can’t understand whether that whole hub-bub was because some insane collectors actually cared that much over the flocking of the ears, or just because they wanted a version of the figure that would later be rare. If I was a huge Moss Man fan, I guess I would care more, but such as it is, unflocked ears are fine with me.

Moss Man reuses a lot of Beast Man’s parts. With the mossy flocking it’s kind of hard to tell how much, but I’m guessing most of this body is Beast Man, including one of the two swappable heads. The Beast Man head is the one that’s attached in the package and it’s the one that pays homage to the vintage figure. This one is my least favorite of the heads, mainly because it just looks like Beast Man with a Chia Pet growing on his head. The other head pays more homage to the MYP/200x series and gives the figure a more serene and heroic look to him, and it’s this one that I prefer to display on my figure.

There’s not much to say about the rest of the body. The flocking is surprisingly well done. I seriously expected it to be coming off in my hands as I handled the figure, but so far it’s stayed in place, although it does have an annoying habit of attracting the buckets of hair that my cat leaves around the house. The area around Moss Man’s joints are left unflocked to prevent rubbing but the green paint of the plastic matches pretty well.

Moss Man is not exactly inundated with accessories, but I’m guessing that’s because the flocking ate up a lot of the figure’s production costs. He does come with a sash that holds a sculpted pouch and a sheath for his small removable dagger. He also comes with a mace that’s sculpted to look like he crafted it out of wood and vines and whatever else Swamp Thing Moss Man could find in the swamp forest.

I like this figure. It’s nice, but I think my original hesitation to buy him was still justified. I had little interest in Optikk or Carnivus, but getting those figures in hand really made me love them and love the characters. That isn’t really the case with Moss Man. I’m not disappointed in him. I’m not sorry I bought him. But I don’t think my collection would have suffered any for him being absent. The flocking is a cool novelty, although I really, really could have done without the smell. Seriously, it’s been on my shelf for almost a week now and it’s really starting to bug me.

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