DC Universe Classics Wave 16: The Riddler by Mattel

Next up in our tour of DCUC Wave 16 is The Riddler. This character isn’t exactly a newcomer to the line, as we saw him way back in Wave 5 with a more classic look. This version of the puzzling antagonist is more modern and a little more outlandish. With Bane as the Collect & Connect figure, he also fits this wave perfectly. Let’s take a look…

Riddler comes packaged in a fairly neutral stance, and thank god for that, because this is the first figure that I wasn’t leary about opening for fear of his legs being all messed up. He does have his cane tucked under his arm, which looks great in the package and doesn’t place any of his joints at risk of warpage. Mattel used an array of question marks as his icon down on the insert and the figure’s tray has more question marks embossed into the plastic, which goes a long way to personalize his package. Very nice.

Once out of the package, The Riddler is a nice improvement over the last figure we looked at, Mercury. His plastic quality is decent, and there’s no issues with the joints. No doubt, Riddler is a very simple figure, utilizing a standard body and relying entirely on paint apps and the head sculpt to distinguish him. As with Creeper, most of The Riddler’s body is left unpainted and cast in green plastic. Again, the plastic looks a little waxy in some areas and I would have rather it had been painted, but it doesn’t look bad. The head sculpt is excellent. It’s very clean and the paint apps for the hair and mask are immaculate. The question marks look great against the green and cover pretty much his entire body. I think my only complaint here is that his painted belt buckle looks rather cheesy.

Riddler features the old style DCUC articulation, which consists of universal movement in the shoulders and hips; hinges in the elbows, knees, and ankles; Swivels in the biceps, wrists, and thighs; A ball jointed neck, swivel waist and the ab crunch hinge in the torso. Alas, there are no double-hinges here.
How about accessories? The Riddler comes with his cane and that’s it. Granted, that’s more than most DCUC figures come with. The cane is a pretty cool little sculpt, and cast in a goldish plastic. He can only hold it in his left hand because his right hand is balled into a fist. Riddler also comes with C&C Bane’s right arm.

No doubt about it, The Riddler is an awesome figure and one that has been sorely missing from my collection. The figure perfectly fits the iconic character and will be a cornerstone addition to any DCUC Batman shelf. I’m still on the fence over whether I prefer this one to the Wave 5 one or not, they’re both excellent, but since I don’t own the older release, I’m happy to have this one for now.

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