Masters of the Universe Classics: Clawful by Mattel

There’s only about a week left to subscribe to Matty Collector’s Clubs. I was quick to pull the trigger on Club Lion Force, but I’m still waffling over Club Eternia. Maybe checking out last month’s figure will help me decide one way or the other. July gave us another one of Skeletor’s minions of freakish bastards in the guise of Clawful. He’s part man, part crab, and all action, baby. Let’s see what we got.

It’s the MOTU Classics packaging and it never gets old, even if I no longer have a lot to say about it. You should be familiar with it by now. Clawful fills out the bubble nicely and the back panel of the card includes the ubiquitous bio blurb. Oh, look… for once, I actually own all the figures pictured on the back.

And there he is, Clawful. Let’s start with his head sculpt, because he’s got the dead, soulless eyes of a killer. Ok, maybe not. In fact, Clawful easily has the most goofy and cartoony looking head of any of the MOTUC figures released thus far, and in the freakish world of Eternia, that’s saying quite a bit. His combination of googly eyes, Groucho Marx eyebrows and, Gamara tusks really are quite a site to behold. You have to be pretty comfortable with your MOTU fan status to accept this guy’s head sculpt. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have appreciated a second head, but I’m still perfectly fine with Clawful’s goofy looking head.

The rest of the figure is plenty cool. You may recognize the legs and feet as a reuse of Buzz-Off and Whiplash. Clawful also has Buzz-Off’s left hand. His front shell, on the other hand, is a new sculpt, as is the back one which attaches onto him via four pegs, just like Buzz-Off’s wings or Whiplash’s back/tail piece. His giant pincer claw looks good enough to eat with drawn butter, and despite Mattel’s insistance on outlawing “action gimmicks,” the claw still snaps shut when you open it and let it go. The coloring on the figure is pretty great, although I would have preferred his feet be the same color as his shell. As it is, it looks way too close to the color used on Whiplash’s feet.

Whiplash comes with two accessories: A mace and a shield. I guess maybe you could count his back plate as an accessory, since it comes off the figure in the package and you need to attach it. The mace is simple enough and cast in bright green plastic. The shield was actually a complete surprise for me. I knew he came with the mace, but not the shield. It’s a very nice piece, with a sculpt that continues the crustacean theme, and clips onto his wrist. Very cool!

Clawful wasn’t high on my list of MOTUC must-haves, but he looked like a pretty fun figure, and that’s exactly what I got. I think the biggest issue some collectors may have with him is the cartoon he has for a noggin. Most figures in the Classics line have gotten some degree of realistic update to their sculpts, but it seems as if Clawful missed the memo. Still, he’s just another example of how even the back-benchers in this figure lineup usually wind up winning me over in the end. As for that Club Eternia subscription? Well, I’ve still some days left to think it over.

3 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Clawful by Mattel

  1. I finally picked up a Clawful this week. I’ve wanted to get one since he released, but wasn’t able to at the time, and then didn’t want to pay aftermarket price for him.

    He’s one of my favourites in the line. Even the things you weren’t fond of, I love, because of how close to the Vintage figure he is. You could pop that goofy head off and stick it right on the vintage figure and lots of people wouldn’t notice. Looks like if you get the 200x mini-sub you’ll finally be able to replace it, though.

      • I think I’m going for it, too. I don’t care that much about 2 of the figures they’ve already announced, and they all look fantastic. So if Veena/Sorceress and Hawke fill in 2 of the unannounced slots, I’ll be very pleased indeed.

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