DC Universe Classics All-Stars: Deathstroke by Mattel

I don’t get a chance to meet Deathstroke a lot between the covers of the comic books. I love the character when I encounter him, but I just don’t tend to read a lot of the funny books that he populates. Nonetheless, the magic of the DC Universe Classics figures is that you don’t have to be intimately knowledgeable about the character to really enjoy their figure. And that’s certainly the case with Deathstroke here. Besides, I prefer to stay out of all that Deathstroke vs Deadpool nonsense. Let’s check out this amazing figure…

Just like The Joker, Deathstroke comes packaged in the same manner as the Wave 16 figures. He isn’t subjected to an action pose, thank god, but he is standing with his arsenal of weapons on the ready. Deathstroke fills out the bubble very nicely and looks spectacular in the package. If seeing this guy hanging on the pegs doesn’t make you want to take him home, I don’t think I want to know you.

A good portion of Deathstroke’s main body is comprised of a fishscale sculpt on his metallic blue armor, while his upper chest and shoulders is left smooth. He has sculpted orange boots and gauntlets, straps on his thighs, a utility belt with pouches and a working snap flap holster. The head sculpt features his simple blue and orange mask with the ribbons coming down the back and onto his shoulder. Keep in mind, the original wave release featured a very cool unmasked variant too. Deathstroke also has a soft plastic ammo bandalier that hangs loose over his chest and gives the figure a lot of depth. As far as mercenaries go, Deathstroke looks badass.

Deathstroke features standard DCUC style articulation. The head is ball jointed; There’s universal movement in the shoulders and hips; The elbows, knees, and ankles are all hinged; There are swivel cuts in the biceps, wrists, thighs, and waist; And the ab crunch hinge is present in the torso.

Weapons, weapons, weapons! Deathstroke comes loaded for bear and ready to mess you up. He comes with so many weapons, he almost makes up for the fact that most DCUC figures come with bubkis. You get his assault rifle, polearm, sword, and an automatic pistol. What’s better is that every weapon he comes with can be stored on his person in some fashion. The sword fits into his scabbard, the polearm clips onto his back, the pistol fits in his holster, and the rifle has a strap so that you can sling it behind his back or over his shoulder. Alas, the rifle is made of some really soft rubbery plastic and the stock tends to bend pretty easy when its in up against his bicep.

There’s no doubt that Deathstroke stands among the ranks of my favorite DCUC figures. He looks great, has a ton of accessories, and he’s fun to play around with, and that’s everything I’m looking for in my action figures. He’s also a great addition to my Teen Titans shelf, although when I first opened him, he spent a fair amount of time standing on my computer desk so I could grab him and play around with him on my down time. Obviously, he was a great choice for the All-Stars line and a great pick-up for any DCUC collection. I seriously think I’m going to have to hunt down the unmasked version now.

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