Playmobil: Soldiers Deluxe 2-Pack (#5946)

So, last time we looked at the Soldiers’ Boat and what better way to compliment that set than with a pack of more soldiers and a little more gear to buff it out? Are these bilge rats up to the task of taking on the Playmobil pirates? Let’s find out…

Traditionally speaking, most Playmobil sets come in boxes and if I recall correctly even the single figure sets used to come boxed. I only first noticed these more modern looking carded packs within the last couple of years or so, but I’m certainly no expert so they could have been around for a while. The card still maintains that iconic minimalist blue Playmobil deco with the front declaring that the set contains 21 pieces and the back showing off photos of exactly what you get. The photo catalog of pieces seems to make more sense on the boxes, as the toys are laid out inside the bubble so that you can easily see exactly what you’re getting. It’s kind of redundnat here, and that space might have been better spent showing what other toys were available. But, hey, that’s just my two cents. I do like the way you can preserve the bubble and tray to store the figures and gear and keep them organized.
The two figures include one soldier and one commander type. I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be an Admiral or a Captain, as I’m not up on the uniforms and rank insignia of the Playmobil Royal Navy, but for my purposes, he’s a Captain. He’s a great pick-up for me because the one thing I bemoaned about the Soldiers’ Boat is that it didn’t come with a Captain. Problem solved. He’s actually got the same printed shirt as the Soldier, but that’s the beauty of versatility of Playmobil figures. Add some white pants, gold epulettes, cuffs and a sword sash, and a majestic hat and he becomes very officer-like. He’s also sporting a printed mustache and white hair, painted buckles on his shoes and he comes with a sword. Nice! The other figure is one of the exact same figures that we saw in the Soldiers’ Boat set. But that’s cool because he’s definitely an army builder and by god we need cannon fodder for our horrifically bloody Playmobil battles against the bastardly pirates. [bastardly? really?? -FF] He comes with the same musket and bayonette from the previous set too. You also get a map and a flag.
The treasure chest is a very nice piece as well, which is great to stow on the boat from the last set. It’s actually two pieces and not just hinged with bendy plastic, so you don’t have to worry about it stressing and breaking from opening it too many times. If you have any of the smaller vintage Playmobil chests from the pirates or knights series, you know where I’m coming from. The treasure included in these Playmobil sets is usually pretty spectacular, but in this case all you get is a couple of giant gold nuggets. They’re pretty drab and make me long for the day when Playmobil used the shiny vac-metalized finish on the booty. The cannon is very similar to the one included in the previous set, only the carriage for this one is molded in red plastic. It still fires, and you get two cannonball missiles with it.
This little set retails for just under seven bucks, and when you look at the prices of single carded 4-inch figures these days, I’m not complaining. I can buy stuff like this for seven bucks all day and with a smile on my face, because it really feels like I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck. It’s a great little set all on its own, but combine it with the previous Soldiers’ Boat set and you’ve really got a little force ready to go out scouring the seas for those filthy pirates. Tomorrow, we be takin a little break from Playmobil, but when I comes backs on T’ursday, We be meeting them some of them pirates! Arrr!

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