DC Universe Classics: Crime Syndicate of America 5-Pack by Mattel, Part 1

The moment I heard that Mattel was doing a set of Crime Syndicate figures in the DCUC line, I was beside myself with joy. Then the news soon followed that it would be one of those Walmart exclusive 5-packs and my heart sank into my feet. I’m sure I’ve cried plenty of times here about how the Walmarts in my area all stopped carrying DC figures a long time ago, so the chances of me finding this set at retail were impossible. My only hope was that Walmart would offer the set for sale on the website like they did with the less spectacular Green Lantern 5-pack. Thankfully that hope paid off. The set went for sale online, and thanks to a tip from a friend and fellow collector, I was able to buy it before it quickly went out of stock. I’m going to break this up into two parts. Today we’ll start with a look at the packaging and two of the figures: Johnny Quick and Power Ring.

This is the first time I’ve purchased one of these 5-packs from the DC Universe Classics line, so the packaging is pretty new to me. The set basically comes in a huge tray-like window box with the familar DCUC deco that we’ve seen so many times on the carded figures and the 2-packs. Obviously it’s a pretty big package to hold the five DCUC scaled figures in a staggered layout. You get Superwoman, Owlman, Ultraman, Johnny Quick, and Power Ring, who are of course the evil alternate versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern, respectively. Some of these figures are packed in action poses, so here’s hoping the joints didn’t get too messed up. The back panel of the box has bios for each character, along with a photo of the figure and a shot of their comic counterpart. Overall, I like the presentation here. I’m somewhat tempted to hang on to the box as it is fairly collector friendly, but since these figures are going right up on my DCUC shelves, I opted to pitch it. Good thing too, since Walmart slapped some huge, f’ugly product label on the bottom of the package.
Johnny Quick features a standard DCUC male body and relies mostly on coloring and paint apps to distinguish him. The head sculpt, however, is new, really fantastic, and much better than I expected to find in a set like this. The bulk of the body is cast in a nice rich, red plastic, whereas the boots and gloves are in yellow plastic. I’m really not a fan of this quality of yellow plastic used. It just looks waxy and inconsistant compared to the rest of the body. I much prefer the yellow paint used on the Barry Allen figure’s boots. On the upside, the paintwork on the figure is really sharp, particularly the lighting bolt pattern that runs up and down his torso.
Just like Johnny, Power Ring features the same standard male body. He’s cast in green plastic with painted white gloves and lighter green paint for the boots. He’s also got light green stripes running up his arms. The emblem on his chest is clean and sharp and the paintwork applied to his sculpted power ring is very nicely executed. Power Ring features an excellent head sculpt and looks mighty pissed off. The mask is actually part of the sculpt and painted over. There’s a wee bit of bleeding between the flesh paint and his mask, but nothing too bad at all. I’m guessing this head might have been reused from one of the DCUC Green Lantern themed waves, but I don’t have all of those figures, so I’m not entirely sure one way or the other.

Both figures feature the same standard DCUC articulation. The head is ball jointed; The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows; The legs feature universal movement in the hips, swivel cuts in the thighs, and hinged knees and elbows. The figures also swivel at the waist and have the hinged ab crunch in the torso.
So far, I’m extremely happy with the way this set turned out. While I didn’t hesitate at all to order it, I was a bit concerned about not being able to pick out a set with the best paintwork. Sometimes with sets like this you just need to pull the trigger and hope for the best, and based on the first two figures, everything seems fine. I’m still not all that keen on the yellow plastic used for Johnny Quick’s gloves and boots, but that’s really all I have to complain about here. Both of these guys were a little pre-posed in the package, but thankfully it didn’t do any harm to their joints. These are awesome looking figures.

Next time, I’ll wrap it up with a look at the last three figures in the set.

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